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5 Different Parts of a Car Shed

If you do not have enough garage space on your property and you keep on adding cars, you will have to get a car shed. After all, proper storage can prolong the life of a car. The external elements can cause damage to the cars over time, especially if your area gets unpredictable weather conditions. If you decide to have a shed constructed on your property, you should be aware of the different car shed parts, so you know if you are getting what you paid for. The following are the different parts of a car shed.

Sliding Windows

The most important part of the shed is ventilation because it would not be a safe space to use without it. Excess moisture can cause some parts of your car to rust, and the rubber seals will also get damaged. High levels of humidity can also damage the interior of the car. Mould will thrive, the material of the interior will deteriorate, the smell will be unbearable, and the leather material will crack. When choosing windows, you might as well take the opportunity to use sliding windows as ventilation.

Access Doors

Ease of access should also be considered on top of security. Sure, you want to keep your car secured by having an advanced locking mechanism. However, it would be pointless if you will also have a hard time getting into the shed. You can get single access doors. But if the shed is big, you can also get double doors for it. If you value security without compromising accessibility, you can have one personal access door, so there will be only one access point.

Door Automation

Another point of access would be door automation. But it is primarily used to take out the car from the shed instead of a personal access point. This part of the shed allows you to easily open or close the door. You can open or close the door by pushing a button attached to the shed’s wall, or you can open it using a remote control so you can access the shed even inside your car. It makes it easier for you to store the car after driving it.

Side Roller Doors

There would be no need to lift the door to push it up the ceiling with side roller doors since it will slide sideways. You will not have to reach down to the bottom of the door if you want to open it. You can use it to partially open the door if you need something stored in the shed. If you have a street-front entrance, side roller doors are the ones you should think about getting.


These are an extended part of the shed to add even more space for you to store cars. The difference between the shed and the lean-to is the composition of the structure. A lean-to is typically just beams and a roof, leaning against one side of the shed. It will not be enclosed, so it can only cover the car you will be parking in it.

These are some of the parts you should look out for if you decide to have a shed constructed on your property. From the door automation to the lean-to, ensure that each part will be constructed properly so the shed will be useful. You can consult with an expert when deciding on the car shed you want and have them construct one on your property as well.

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