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5 Mega Trending Technologies Of 2023

Today in the world there are many companies that are engaged in the development of modern technologies. The industries in which these tech companies operate can be very diverse – from computing to heavy industry. In this short article, we will discuss the top 5 Mega Trending Technologies Of 2022.

1. Cloud Computing

Amazon (AMZN)

Amazon has been a leader in the cloud for some time, and its AWS business now has more than $16 billion in quarterly revenue. Given that no decline in enterprise cloud investment is expected in 2022 and that AWS is a profitable business for Amazon, it is likely that the New Year will be good for Amazon shareholders.

Oracle (ORCL)

Oracle ended the year with a $28 billion deal to acquire Cerner, which sells software that helps doctors access and analyze medical records. Combined with the strong performance of the stock – up 37% through Dec. 28 (Figure 1) – and stability in volatile markets, Oracle appears to be aiming for further growth in 2022.

2. Metaverse

Roblox (RBLX)

Meta Platforms (FB), formerly known as Facebook, is arguably the one that puts the most effort into promoting the Metaverse. However, Roblox (RBLX) has spent 17 years creating an immersive experience that could be called the Metaverse. A developer community of 10 million has created over 24 million apps on the Roblox platform. This hands-on approach, coupled with the constant adoption of the platform, should lead to continued growth as the popularization of the technology leads to more investors looking to enter the sector.


CEO Jensen Huang does not yet recognize the Metaverse, but NVDA is playing a key role in the development of this technology with its Omniverse platform. With 40 million developers searching for tools to grow the Metaverse, NVIDIA technology seems set to play a pivotal role, and we’ll likely see NVIDIA continue to follow this trend in 2022.

3. Digital Transformation

Microsoft (MSFT)

Microsoft (MSFT) had a great year, with the stock up 53% as of 28 December 2021, and revenue and earnings continuing to rise each quarter under Satya Nadella’s leadership. Its suite, from software to cloud to devices, is one of the most, if not the most complete, to meet the needs of businesses as they go digital. Even with rising interest rates, inflation, and COVID-19, it’s hard to imagine a scenario where Microsoft stock doesn’t continue to rise.

Alphabet (GOOG)

While much of the success of GOOG’s business can be attributed to massive ad revenue, Alphabet has quietly created a state-of-the-art productivity suite that includes cloud, SaaS, business applications, collaboration tools, and more. This makes it a great partner for companies looking to accelerate their digital transformation. Since the company is based on the advertising business, I believe that Alphabet’s bet on digital adoption for enterprises and SMEs will help it maintain momentum in 2022.

4. Semiconductors


Just as NVIDIA became the darling of AI, AMD has become one of the biggest names in semiconductors; over the past few years, the company has taken market share in laptops and, perhaps more importantly, servers.

Growth under CEO Lisa Su has been remarkable. The company’s shares are up 67% as of December 28 (Figure 3) and the company posted a 10% market share in data center server space for the first time since 2007. Now the company is even more attractive to investors.

Marvell (MRVL)

Chip maker MRVL’s pivotal growth has been bolstered by robust growth in key century-old trends including 5G, automotive and data centers. In 2021, Marvell has gone from being a big name for semiconductors to being one of the must-have names for those who share the belief that semiconductors will take over the world. Shares nearly doubled in 2021 and recently hit all-time highs; there is reason to expect more growth in 2022.

5. E-commerce and Customer Experience

Adobe (ADBE)

2022 is likely to be a big year for Adobe. The company’s shares recently took a big hit after the earnings report. However, its set of creative and already established technologies for marketers puts it in first place in terms of a significant recovery in 2022. The Adobe Experience Cloud, whose TAM will grow to over $200 billion by 2024, is something I believe investors should keep a close eye on, as this is where the most significant portion of Adobe’s growth over the next few years will occur.

Twilio (TWLO)

TWLO shares are down over 23% as of December 28 (Figure 5). However, its technology, developer ecosystem, and several key acquisitions, including Segment CDP, have placed the company in an excellent position as one of the leading platforms for businesses looking to develop customer experiences through mobile and digital platforms. The growth potential of Twilio is very enticing.

devices to date, which is likely to be an even bigger win for investors involved in Mobileye’s upcoming IPO, as well as for Intel, which will remain Mobileye’s largest shareholder.

Qualcomm (QCOM)

With recent design wins from the likes of BMW and GM, Qualcomm’s automotive design portfolio has topped $10 billion and could be the company’s next billion-year business.

Final Words:

Modern tech companies pay great attention to the development of modern technologies. We should appreciate the efforts of these companies and everyone who is contributing. If you found this article helpful, visit our other blogs to learn more.

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