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6 Tips to Decorate and Style Your Wedding Venue

Choosing the ideal decorations for the wedding venue can be a daunting task. To ensure the venue is decorated to your taste, it is crucial to decide the theme and layout of the venue when you begin planning for your wedding. Since it is your big day, the decor and ambience of the venue must reflect your style. You can also choose from a wide array of themes like romantic, vintage, whimsical, minimal, rustic, outdoor, natural, bohemian, amongst many others. Other crucial aspects of decoration like the drapes, floral wreath arrangement, table decorations, and the like must also be considered while designing a wedding venue. Thoughtfully planning and designing, considering all these details, can ensure that your wedding day is everything you ever dreamed of having. If you want to transform your wedding venue and dazzle guests, read on to get inspired with some tips.

  1. Stay consistent with your style: As mentioned earlier, it is essential to decide on a theme for the wedding. Deciding on a colour scheme can also be a great idea. You can choose from various themes as mentioned above or go with something personal to you. For a seamless finish, you must have a clear idea about the look and feel of your big day.
  2. Opt for appealing table decorations: Your guests spend a significant amount of time at their table. Hence, table decoration is extremely important to compliment your overall venue layout. You can think of some unique table decoration ideas to make them look appealing. DIY hacks by placing jars and bottles with an assortment of flowers can also be used. You can pick the flowers to harmonise with your theme accordingly. Additionally, decorative bird cages and lanterns filled with tea lights can be added to elevate the table’s decorations. Furthermore, you can also add a personal touch to the decoration by hiring a calligraphist to write notecards with quotes on love, blessing verses from the bible or anything unique to you as a couple, along with pictures of you two. The memories can be the first time you met your significant other or of special moments of your relationship. Your guests will surely adore such a romantic layout. If you are concerned about your budget, you can utilise seasonal trends for a touch of elegance. The seasonal trends include pine cones for spring, hollowed-out pumpkins in October, and ivy in winter. For a budget-friendly venue decoration, you can borrow ideas from nature.
  3. Get stunning drapes: Drapes play a very crucial role in uplifting the entire outlook of a place. Many overlook backdrops as a part of the decorations, but it is a must-have. You can consult your wedding planner or speak to the venue manager about incorporating the right kind of drapes in the reception hall. That’s not all; you can strategically place a few drapes with floral wreaths to give your venue elegance.
  4. Light it up!: A good lighting scheme can elevate the dullest of layouts. Candles are an economical option with great aesthetic appeal. Hence, you can try utilising them in your tables by intertwining leaves and twigs to create a gorgeous centrepiece. The other way of optimising the reception venue is retro lamps and table lamps. You can also invest in uplighting or mood lighting to transform your venue and bring it to life. When you pair them with lanterns, your guests will undoubtedly be impressed by this setting.
  5. Don’t forget the flowers: No decoration can ever be truly complete without a vibrant exhibit of flowers. Flowers are essential wedding decorations. You can augment the ambience of your wedding as well as the reception hall by adding a sprightly floral arrangement. You can start by incorporating a floral wreath in the church doors and venue for a stunning appeal. Additionally, integrating floral garlands on the table is an excellent idea since they make fantastic centrepieces. Decorating with wreaths on the table is another way of exuding extravagance. Garlands and wreaths are reasonable options. You can pair them with lighting and candles for a picturesque touch.
  6. Wedding signage: Wedding signage has gained popularity in recent times. Neon wedding signs and hand-written posts are in-trend at the moment. You can make use of signage boards that reflect your style and the essence of your union.
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