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All About Penetration Testing

Cyberattacks are a matter of grave concern for businesses that result in loss of revenues, organisational productivity and customer grievances. However, with penetration tests, you can prevent such attacks and their implication on the business.

So, what is a penetration test? Basically, penetration testing is a form of ethical hacking done on the computer system to identify exploitable vulnerabilities in facilities, applications and networks that helps enterprises assess their digital security program.

With a penetration test, you can get vital insights into the state of cyber security of your organisation and get equipped to prevent any long-term consequences.

Read the section below to learn more about penetration tests and how they could help your business.

How often can you schedule penetration tests?

Penetration tests need to be done periodically and are required when

  • Applications are upgraded
  • Cloud services or websites are launched
  • New office locations are set
  • End-user policies are modified or updated
  • Security patches are applied

How much does a pen test cost?

The pricing for penetration testing may start from $5000, but the total cost may vary depending on the website’s size or the app. Penetration tests for multiple user roles for a network with different applications and a website would cost higher than for any small application.

What Are the Benefits of Penetration Tests?

The designs of systems and software are aimed at eliminating dangerous security flaws. With a pen test, you can get an insight into how to achieve the aim. Pen tests can help businesses in different ways. They are:

Finding vulnerabilities

Security patches have become quite common in software, and the reason is to find vulnerabilities before the hackers. And the most effective way of measuring the security level is by analysing how it can be hacked. A penetration test helps check your system’s resistance to hacking attempts. Since the test is done by a human hacker using multiple vectors, it reveals vulnerabilities that are otherwise not detected with automated network vulnerability scanning. Moreover, they may appear in the form of low-risk vulnerabilities which you need to exploit in a definite sequence.

Testing network defenders

The average time required to identify a data breach is about 197 days, and the longer a breach remains undiscovered, the hackers get more advantage in installing malicious applications and breaching the company’s confidential data. They can also access more sensitive data over time through crypto-jacking or installing rootkit.

A penetration test analysing the people or program’s ability to monitor the network for intruders reveals whether the intrusion detection programs are functioning correctly. It may also help determine if your business’s IT professionals have the tool to respond to the attack appropriately.

Preserving the company’s reputation

Security attacks compromise sensitive data, which may cause businesses to lose trusted customers and result in reputational damages. Penetration testing can help prevent such security breaches and help preserve the organisation’s reputation and customer loyalty. Pen tests are also performed with vulnerability scanning to get better insights into potential breach points and vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure.

Reducing network downtime

Fixing security issues after a breach can be expensive, affecting business operations and causing customers grievances. However, when you discover such vulnerabilities before the breach, you can get them fixed much faster, causing less disruption to the business.

Effective cybersecurity can be instrumental in developing the foundation of your business. With penetration tests at regular intervals, you are aware of your company’s state of cyber security and ability to resist attacks. When you emphasise security investments and develop efficient defence mechanisms, you can protect the business from intruders and gain long-term benefits.

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