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Earmuffs and Its Three Pros Over Other Types

Most manufacturing industries have loud noise setups and, sometimes, this sound level can exceed the prescribed standards. In such cases, workers without appropriate hearing protective gear are prone to hearing impairment and other related complications. Prolonged exposure to high decibel noises will start to distress and damage the ear hair cells. These are the cells that signal sounds to the brain, and extended damage and loss of ear hair cells will lead to permanent hearing loss, continuing the effects even after the exposure. Safety Earmuffs have proven themselves as a safe, comfortable, and effective hearing protection at work.

Around 4,700 claims are made in Australia each year for noise-induced hearing loss at work. Thus, hearing protection becomes vital in environments that emit sound above 85 decibels. Sophisticated workplaces with heavy equipment like air compressors, grills, and a powered saw can produce sounds above the safe level. In today’s world, industries cannot turn down these sophisticated types of machinery, and the only practical solution is using hearing protection. An earmuff, unlike any other hearing protector, looks similar to a headphone. They come with soft ear cushions and a headband. The many varieties of earmuff have made it a popular choice among industrial workers.

Knowing the types

When choosing an earmuff, one will come across several types offering distinct features. Here are some commonly available types,

  • Passive earmuff:

A passive earmuff is a non-electronic device that blocks loud noises from entering using the components of the ear cup, usually foam.

  • Electronic earmuff:

An electronic earmuff also contains foam in the ear cup but comes with additional features like a microphone, volume control, and a setup that amplifies quieter noises so that you do not miss out on significant commands.

  • Bluetooth earmuff:

A Bluetooth earmuff block sounds similar to that of a passive earmuff but has Bluetooth compatibility features. Now they double up as music headphones, letting you listen to the FM or your favorite playlist from your smartphone.

Benefits of An earmuff Over An Earplug

Since earmuffs come in versatile types and have a better noise-canceling feature than conventional hearing protectors, they are now seen in most Australian work setups. here is a list of other convincing benefits of an earmuff,

  1. One-size

Unlike earplugs or semi-insert plugs that must be customized to fit the wearer, an earmuff can offer a snuggle fit to almost every ear size. Some models even come with adjustment panels to allow the aptest and preferred fit. Thus, it does not take much to find the right fitting ear muff.

  1. You will never misplace them

Due to an earmuff’s distinct size, one will not misplace or lose it regularly. On the flip side, earplugs, custom-made and small enough to fit the ear canal, are prone to get misplaced or fall during work. In such cases, you might not be able to find them and working without an earplug can be hazardous, even if the duration is short. So, an earmuff is a one-time investment.

  1. Ease of wearing

Even after going for customization, earplugs do not fit in the wearer’s ear easily. In such cases, the wearer needs to tilt their ear at a specific angle, ball in the earplug only to find them falling off in some time. However, earmuffs are easy to wear and take off and offer consistent protection than earplugs. Further, an earmuff can also double up as an ear warmer due to its soft cushioned foam ear cups.

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