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Everything You Need to Know About Business Phone Systems

A reliable business cannot grow without the proper communication networks between the clients, customers, employees and marketing heads. Business centres in Australia are no stranger to such communication systems and often incorporate the best into their business services and network departments. The reason? Efficient business phone systems allow the company to initiate multi-line phone networks for constant communication and management, routing all the different types of calls made within the business under a single network.

This allows the organisation to effectively handle large numbers of needs, both within the department and internationally, and update any new features into the network system with ease. But first, take a look at the different factors that contribute to the selection of suitable business phone systems:

Cost Of Service: It’s no surprise that an organisation will always consider proper communication system implementation charges. But different systems have their costs to consider. On-premise systems cost less but ensure constant connectivity, whereas cloud-based has a moderate monthly payment but offers many unique features and tools for management. Ultimately, it’ll come down to the type of phone systems the business needs.

Features and Tools: Businesses that compete daily regarding advancements in technology will always look for more convenient tools and features in phone systems. This could be attributed to the fact that more features allow a business to run things smoothly without any hassle in a short time.

Presence Of Virtual Systems: A company that involves a lot of remote working would go for systems that regulate connectivity and communication features like automation that’ll benefit the company.

Hosting and Connection Requirements: Based on a company’s requirement for hosting and connection, phone systems can vary from traditional phones or cloud-based communication networks.

Different Types Of Phone Systems Used In Business:

PBX Phone Systems: Although not widely used nowadays with advancements in cloud networks, we can still see PBX systems in order businesses. These systems use traditional copper wire networks to transmit analogue signals and are installed either as on-premise systems or through cloud network solutions.

VolP Systems: These systems transfer data for communication over the internet through various IP networks. Since they use LAN networks, they have lower calls rates and easy accessibility to rerouting purposes.

Both of these business phone systems are hosted through IP based networks, hosted networks, or cloud-based networks. Cloud communication networks have seen a rise in Australia, especially during the last few years, due to cloud-based telephone systems having several benefits compared to traditional methods.

Main Features of Business Phone Systems For Effective Business Communication:

Intelligent Call Distribution This system routes the calls into a business based on geography, time zone, business hours, waiting times and previous interactions and history.

Mobile Phone Routing: It is essential for remote employees. It gives them the proper flexibility to work from home and increase their production capability.

Recording and Transferring calls through various departments are necessary to improve customer satisfaction and reduce waiting during the process. Recording of calls is also equally crucial for training purposes, legal activities and dispute solving.

Automated Or Interactive Voice Response: Allows customers to interact with a prerecorded voice that helps them navigate through different departments or helplines conveniently with the right inputs. This reduces the need for employees to solve simple problems, and such recorded voices are used to view balances, resolve minor issues and increase the system’s efficiency.







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