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ISO 45001: The Standard to Make Your Company’s Safety a Priority

Certification is a way for an organisation to show it has met specific requirements or specifications:

  • First, it is possible to accomplish this in many ways. For instance, certification might be something you receive when you complete a course of study, which results in the student showing they have learned the required skills and knowledge to pass such a program. Or it could be something like passing an exam to prove that you have met the proper criteria for compliance with said standards.
  • Secondly, certification can benefit organisations by providing valuable information about their products and services and insight into where improvements are needed; this would not otherwise be available without the certificate.
  • Finally, ISO 45001 certification helps an organisation demonstrate its commitment to safety by meeting internationally recognised best practices for occupational health management systems (OHSM).

It is also a way to improve the organisation’s processes and operations.

The certification confirms the organisation has met a set of standards. Stakeholders can use the certificate to check if the organisation is trustworthy. Obtaining a certification can help the organisation improve its processes and operations. When an organisation sets out to achieve ISO 45001, it needs to follow all the requirements to succeed. Hence, for an organisation to get certified, it must first ensure effective communication between managers and employees actually concerning what they need to do to meet those requirements.

This standard is far-reaching and can help to:

  • Improved safety: Achieving this certification would ensure your company is up to the standards, which will help eliminate potential hazards and reduce risks in the workplace.
  • Reduced costs: With improved safety, it will lead to a decrease in losses, such as fewer incidents, accidents, and investigations. The organisation will have better control of their daily operations and give them the ability to concentrate on their core business, allowing them to increase productivity.
  • Better reputation: The certification will help build a positive brand image for companies as they can promote themselves by having this internationally recognised standard. This recognition would be helpful if companies plan on expanding globally or attracting investors to your company.
  • Improved performance: The ISO 45001 certification ensures employees understand what is expected of them, including acting in various scenarios and provides managers with clear guidance on how to help their staff.

It reduces the costs associated with OSH risks;

You can achieve these savings by:

  • They are helping to prevent accidents from occurring. It will reduce the costs associated with lost working time and potential legal fees.
  • It encourages employees to participate in health, safety and welfare at work processes. It helps reduce the number of employee absences due to OSH issues, which will help save you money as a result.
  • You are reducing the cost of insurance premiums by helping to prevent accidents and injuries from occurring within your organisation. ISO 45001 can help you get lower premiums because you can show insurers where you have reduced the risk of accidents occurring in your workplace.
  • You reduce the number of fines incurred due to workplace accidents, injuries or deaths by complying with OH&S regulations and relevant legislation wherever your business operates internationally.

A globally recognised code of practice facilitates effective workplace health and safety management. It is a proactive management system designed to ensure events, risks, and issues are managed effectively.

This certification is a commitment by all employees involved in managing and advising on management, together with top management, that they will all adhere to the requirements of ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. The organisation can then have confidence that it has a truly integrated approach to ensuring acceptance of employee and customer health and safety.

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