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Questions to Ask Top Designers

Designer clothes are the latest trend now. Are you among the many individuals who love to shop for designer clothes? Then you might also want to know several things about the person behind the top designer brands. Take the example of the brand Cecilie Copenhagen. This brand was started by Cecilie Jorgensen. You can shop for apparel from this stylish designer brand in online stores like Unplugged Byron Bay.

This brand was founded in 2001. It started one night during Cecilie’s final year of fashion studies at the Fashion Academy since she had hardly anything to wear. So, she rummaged through her parent’s storage, discovered two of her mother’s keffiyeh scarves, and stitched herself a cover top. Requests for the top from friends poured in, and the brand was officially born not long after. The company is popular among the Instagram “It” ladies and became recognized for the perfect summer attire, thanks to its trademark keffiyeh-inspired materials.

What significant elements have contributed to the brand’s rapid popularity?

Cecilie wanted her brand Cecilie Copenhagen to become a brand and not simply another clothing line to start. She wanted it to be one with unique behavior and style. They continued that technique when they went international since the brand is highly demanding about the merchants they deal with worldwide. The company believes that when you are a young start-up, you may not have many marketing and branding options, and you must be clever. It had a significant role in the company’s early success.

How big of an influence has Instagram made on the international success of the brand?

Instagram had an immense influence on this brand’s international success. It is just a wonderful platform for visually displaying creative work or anything you want to promote, with the option of sending a message as well. This is exactly what happened with this brand as well.

What advice would she provide to new designers looking to build their brands?

Her opinion is that the fundamental factor is the reason for doing what you want to do. But, of course, it is a cutthroat business, so there will always be something greater, better, or quicker than you. But, people will notice and pay more attention to you if you have a goal and stay loyal to your views and concepts.

Does she have primary influences in her career?

There is no specific person who influenced her. She keeps an eye on what is happening in the fashion industry, but it is for motivation. She wants to travel to any of the world’s major cities and simply sit and observe people’s daily lives. These cities include New York, London, Paris, or anywhere. People are the source of the majority of her motivation.

What are her long-term goals?

She wants to keep evolving and be loyal to Cecilie Copenhagen. She also wants to be satisfied with everything she does, along with providing what people desire to wear.

Does growing up in Copenhagen influence the brand’s style?

She believes it is the basic silhouettes that she uses a lot in her designs. However, she believes they stand out from other Copenhagen or Scandinavian companies when it comes to color.

Her most memorable moments since the founding of the brand?

It is hard to single out a single moment. However, Cecilie Jorgensen believes it is the entire procedure. Starting a business is an adventure, and while some moments are greater than others, it is all worthwhile.

Establishing your brand will never be easy. However, as long as you have the will and power to keep moving and be motivated every step of the way, you are bound to be successful. This way, everyone can achieve what Cecilie Jorgensen has achieved with her extraordinary creations.

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Alison Lurie
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