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The Importance of Eco-Friendly GSE in Aviation

The continual growth of the aviation industry presents many benefits to large corporations, small businesses, and everyday travelers. However, the increasing use of operations at aviation facilities creates environmental health issues. This can be combatted with the use of more eco-friendly equipment. Here, you’ll find the importance of more eco-friendly equipment along with specific benefits this equipment may generate.

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What is GSE?

The term GSE stands for ground support equipment, and it essentially entails all of the various machinery responsible for servicing airplanes while they’re stationed on the ground. This equipment includes machines like container loaders, refueling machines, vehicles for towing, and more.

Having smooth operations at airports is extremely important not only because it helps to keep time schedules on track, but also helps to ensure everyone’s safety. Having highly quality GSE also helps to keep operational costs low while staying on top of maintenance measures.

How Can You Make Eco-Friendly GSE?

Being that the aviation industry requires highly high-quality GSE, you must consider using eco-friendly aviation maintenance equipment. In general, eco-friendly GSE ultimately aims to lower carbon dioxide emissions in its everyday use. By using equipment that caters to producing more green solutions, you can overall help to decrease the negative impact the aviation industry causes on the environment.

One of the most prominent solutions to finding eco-friendly GSE is by monitoring fuel consumption more closely. You can monitor the fuel consumption in the aircraft themselves in addition to the fuel used by the machines that are used for maintaining the aircraft.

Even more, some equipment is available that doesn’t even require fuel consumption in general and instead relies on electricity or batteries to function. By switching from machines that require diesel energy to equipment that functions off of electricity, you can reduce carbon emissions practically in half.

Another great way to help positively impact the environment is by using ground service equipment made from recyclable or reusable materials. By doing so, you can reduce the amount of materials needed to build new machinery as well as save more money in the long run. For instance, aviation facilities need to use aircraft tires that can be repurposed or recycled into other materials. Many different tire companies are known for their positive impact regarding more eco-friendly services to companies they communicate with.

Advantages of Eco-friendly GSE

Easier Maintenance

One of the best advantages of using eco-friendly GSE is the ease of maintenance involved. When it comes to aircraft, multiple maintenance check-ins are sometimes required in just one day. This leads to extra time and money needing to be spent on equipment fixes, replacement parts, and labor wages.

Using more eco-friendly equipment reduces the overall time and money required to maintain the machines. More specifically, by using an electric-powered GSE, you are eliminating the need for frequent oil changes and engine issues.

Healthy Working Environment

Using electric or battery-powered GSE can create a healthier working environment for everyone employed at aviation facilities. There is no more need for them to breathe in harmful pollutants from the fuel-powered machines, and there aren’t the issues that come with continually fixing issues related to the engines of the fuel-powered machines.

Decreased Operational Costs

Another great advantage to using more eco-friendly ground support equipment is that costs will decrease by the thousands. The amount of money included in maintaining fuel-powered machinery is exponentially larger than the total costs associated with electric-powered vehicles and equipment.

Reduces Air Pollution

Lastly, allocating more eco-friendly GSE is beneficial because it reduces the negative air pollution presented to the workers and passersby at the airport and the people living in the surrounding areas. Eco-friendly machinery releases no toxic fumes and helps tremendously reduce collective carbon dioxide emissions.

Overall, using aircraft as a way of transportation is one of the safest and most convenient ways to travel. That being said, this way of transportation is increasingly becoming more popular. You can reduce negative environmental impact by ensuring that the aircraft companies you go through use more eco-friendly GSE and practices.

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