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4 Important Sales Skills All B2B Recruiters Need

A B2B recruiter’s job is just as tough and demanding as the sales one. Only a well-polished, confident person having all the necessary sales skills would handle the job well. There are several necessary sales skills the B2B recruiter must possess but the four major must-haves are;

  • Better communication
  • Listening
  • Relationship building
  • Strong follow-up

Better communication

As we all know B2B recruiters are required to deal with people, not products so the person appointed to this duty must possess stronger communication skills. Let alone B2B recruitment, communication skills are needed to perform all kinds of jobs effectively. B2B recruiters are sort of representing the company so appointing a person who lacks the basic communication skill would imprint a bad image.


It is often said that listening is crucial to maintaining a productive relationship. Let’s take an example, how would you feel if you want to express yourself but the other person is not willing to listen or keep on navigating your views? It would be disappointing right? The B2B recruiters must be willing to listen patiently to gain a better understanding and to pass a message silently that the other party is being heard and understood. Besides this courteous message, the B2B recruiter would end up determining whether the candidate is perfect for the position or not.

Relationship building

Recruiting requires as much time, energy, and patience as the sales job does. No matter which job position you are being hired for, building a maintaining a healthy relationship would ease the career transition, help you find better opportunities, and lay a better groundwork for future leadership roles. The B2B recruiter is also required to know the art of building and maintaining healthy relationships. It would ease the job and help them in finding the right fit for “tough-to-fill” positions readily.

Strong follow-up

If the recruiter does not want to lose his job or to work efficiently he/she needs to learn to follow up even if it sounds useless. The follow-up procedure must not be expected from the other end all the time, the recruiter must take it as his/her duty as well. If a good follow-up procedure can help you build a better reputation the poor follow-up can imprint a bad image as well. The recruiter must keep a check on possible candidates so whenever they are needed, they can not deny the offer.

Good communication skill, strong follow-up, listening, and relationship building is just not enough as the said job position requires more than that. Other than that, the B2B recruiter must be capable of handling objections and rejections well. If you want to gain a better understanding search for sales jobs Chicago and judge how the recruiters are dealing with the candidates. We are pretty sure you would end up gaining some more practical points.

In brief, a B2B recruiter’s job is tough and demanding, he/she needs to have all the necessary sales skills to nominate better candidates for the company. The four necessary skills the B2B recruiter must have are; listening, relationship building, and strong follow-up. Other than that, the B2B recruiter must be confident and practical enough to handle objections and rejections well.

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Shehbaz Malik
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