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iPhone Hacks You Will Love to Try

If you guys stumbled upon this article, it’s probably because you want to learn some new tips and some new tricks of iPhone. I love to share iPhone hacks, tips and tricks with all you guys to give you smart control over your communicator. So, before we jump on these iPhone tips and tricks scroll down to the subscription box so you get my every article about emerging tech reviews and mobile tips on priority.

How to Take Brighter photos from Front Camera of an iPhone

This very first iPhone tip is for those who love to take selfies at night time. So, let’s say you do not have the DSLR around and the only option is iPhone XS. We all know that we have the flash option in the settings which is not the best. Especially at night time, you find that overexposes the photos leaving pictures look grainy and things are just kind of blurred out. You don’t see much details in your photos.

Simply if you have a friend around, asked him to switch on the flashlight of his smartphone facing towards you. It will give you a spotlight feels, turn on your iPhone front shooter with screen flash on. Genuinely this iPhone hacks with giving you a good quality selfie for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Isn’t that a simple tip?

How to charge an iPhone Faster

However, there is no fast charging option in the iPhone even in 2019. This is the most demanded iPhone trick that all people are pretty desperate for. Do you know you can charge your iPhone 3 times faster than the usual one? Just plug in the lightning cable with a lightning port of your iPhone and switch on the Airplane mode from the control center. Putting your smartphone especially Apple device doubles the charging rate contrary to the normal one. This iPhone hack is personally verified and experimented many a number of times. What happened technically when Airplane mode is on? It shut down the transmission process and hardware thus less power is consumed in this way.

How to Quick Erase or Undo Typing

Ok, let’s say if you make a mistake while writing text or Email, editing a photo, simply shake your iPhone and this will undo all the typing. You have written a long description in a message or in notes and you wanted to delete this at once, simply shake your hand instead of long pressing the pencil button, and it will wipe all the things efficiently.

Shehbaz Malik
Shehbaz Malik
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