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5 Benefits of Case Management Software

The use of paper-based systems in law practices can be dated back to the very beginning of the practice itself. And it served pretty well to the industry. However, the adoption of Information Technology (IT) over the past few decades in different business processes resulted in a massive increase in productivity and efficiency. This leads to the question of whether IT can be equally effective in the legal industry. When you choose the right IT service in the form of Case Management Software, it can be an invaluable tool for your firm. With the use of a modern, state-of-the-art software system, you can garner several benefits. If you are wondering what benefits the software will offer you, read the section below.

1. Effective deadline management

Meeting deadlines is the topmost priority for any legal professional. Any lapse in deadline management can have a severe impact on the outcome of the case. However, with Case Management Software, you don’t have to worry about missing deadlines.

The software will facilitate keeping track of the case by adding them in chronological order in the case workflow. This way, you won’t be surprised by an upcoming deadline and do your preparations in an organised manner.

2. Improved team collaboration

Scheduling a meeting with multiple partners can be quite a task. You need to check everyone’s calendar and see their availability which can be cumbersome. But with modern software for case management, you can augment the overall collaboration process. You only have to select the people you want, display the master schedule and search for the minutes where everyone is free. When you schedule a meeting, the time gets marked on every individual’s calendar. This way, you can collaborate with others quickly and save time.

3. Enhanced communication and document retrieval

Searching and finding a specific contact becomes much easier when you have all contact information in one location. So, you can imagine the time you will be able to save as you open the client case and retrieve any information you need related to the case.

Also, during case organisation, you need to pull data from various sources like the transcripts from the shelf, briefs and pleadings on the server, and emails on the email system. However, you can access all this information from a single location by using Case Management Software. So, now as you try to review case information, the process becomes a lot simpler as a large part of the work is already done.

4. Flexibility of working

The software for legal case management has an online feature. This feature allows you to access your client’s document from any place at any time through a secured internet connection. It means you can now work remotely from home or other locations. The online feature can be quite helpful to maintain your productivity when you frequently travel as you can get your job done from any place.

5. Billing and time tracking

Software helping with billing and time tracking is an absolute must for all on-the-go lawyers. The ability to track bills and time means you have fewer chances of losing track of the billable time. And to do that, you have to enter the billable hours, which will become automatically linked to the case. It will ensure transparency of the completed work and hours billed.

The transition from a paper-based form of legal case management to a more modernised approach with the right software can help streamline various processes in a law firm. It can also help save time and resources, optimising the current systems. Further, it allows improved visibility that can also result in increasing client satisfaction.

Alison Lurie
Alison Lurie
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