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5 Reasons to Use Cloud For Your Business Data

If you run a small business, you already know how important your data is; aside from customer banking information, your entire set of business data is growing daily and rather than storing it on your office PC hard drives, the smart thing to do is create a secure cloud network.

Here are a few good reasons to consider migrating your business data to the cloud.

  1. Automatic backup – Every 2 minutes, your data is backed up on two separate, remotely located servers, so you never have to worry about data loss, which would be disastrous. If, for example, an office PC should crash, you haven’t lost any data; indeed, everything that is stored on workstation PCs is also stored on your cloud network. Your network administrator can effectively manage everything, monitoring the system and ensuring no issues.
  2. Global access – If you have a digital device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop PC), an Internet connection and a browser, you can access your business data. Whether in Sydney, Melbourne or Europe, enter your username and password and you can access and update files in real-time and all authorized personnel have their own login details. Install UPS power, and you can be online 24/4, 365 days a year; why should you ever go offline? Stay ahead of the pack and be connected at all times.
  3. Prevent data theft – When you approach a managed IT services company, they have a team of cyber-security professionals who monitor the network around the clock. Hackers use innovative ways to steal data, with new malicious code being released on a daily basis. As soon as you connect to the web, you are at risk of data theft; have all office staff trained on suspicious activity and how to minimise the risk of data loss or theft.
  4. Everyone is on the same page – Imagine a global organisation with employees worldwide; if an office worker in London updates a document, all other stakeholders can access the updated file. Notifications can be set to remind specific employees when data is uploaded. Click here if you are thinking of a career in data analytics.
  5. Create a paperless work environment – If you scan all incoming documents and store the images on the cloud, you and your staff can instantly bring up any document without visiting the filing cabinet. It makes total sense to go paperless, as this boosts productivity by saving time.

If you are convinced that cloud data storage is the way forward, contact a managed IT services provider and let the experts show you the many benefits cloud computing offers. There is no bulky hardware or software to install and your network can be up and running in a few hours. Top-notch cyber-security is standard, so you can rest assured that your data is safe.

Shehbaz Malik
Shehbaz Malik
A computer science graduate. Interested in emerging technological wonders that are making mankind more approachable to explore the universe. I truly believe that blockchain advancements will bring long-lasting revolutions in people’s lives. Being a blogger, I occasionally share my point of views regarding the user experience of digital products.

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