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6 Tips to Get More Facebook Likes and Followers

Grabbing the attention of your audience isn’t always easy. There are steps you need to take to attract them. No shortcut exists so get ready to work hard. Getting Facebook likes and followers will be beneficial for both your business and your brand.

Today, we are going to be talking about the seven ways to get more Facebook likes and followers. I know everybody talks about it. But let’s be real, not every method works for everyone. And this one works for everyone.

Here are the 6 tips to get more Facebook likes and followers:

1.   Join a Group Relevant to your Niche

Joining a Facebook group relevant to your niche always helps. Because groups are where most people are more active. And this is where discussions happen. You should take part in the group activities and do personal branding.

Try posting quality content in groups to gain attention and go viral in the group first. This will make you a credible source. Share your post’s content in that group to receive likes and followers. Always be original when uploading a post.

2.   Start Adding More Friends

You can add a maximum of 20 friends per day to your Facebook account. So if you start adding 20 each day you will be able to add 600 in one month. So how can this be beneficial? Well, adding friends relevant to your industry can help you get seen.

For example, if you have 5000 friends, your posts are going to be seen by at least 3k people. This happens when you are most active. So you need to be more active. Afterward, you can invite those friends to like your page.

Add as a friend on Facebook

Friends also become your followers obviously. So there is that. It is the simplest way to gain a fanbase. You need to get seen in order to be followed. You can find active friends through relevant Facebook groups.

Go into the members menu of the group and send requests to as many as you can. Afterward, you would have a niche-specific audience.

3.   Post Engaging and Attention-Grabbing Content

Now this is the main point you need to consider following at all times. Always post content that is original and engaging. A post that is engaging has the chance to go viral if you have put everything in place perfectly.

This way you will rapidly gain likes and followers on Facebook. Besides, you should use a video or a photo to grab attention. Because visuals are something people watch first.

It takes a lot of thinking for someone to follow someone. So you gotta be appealing as hell. So at first glance, people start to follow you.

4.   Stay Natural and Share Your Stories

Sharing stories is the best way to attract whoever and whatever you want. But when telling a story you need to be truthful and honest. Hence be natural. When you are natural and share a story, it is likely to be seen by a large number of people.

Stay natural and share stories on Social media such as facebook

The Facebook algorithm will afterward favor your post that is getting liked by many people. Next, you will become the new rising star. But all of it requires consistency and patience. You have to be patient and follow each step with passion because everything takes time.

5.   Engage with Your Friends and Followers

Engaging with your friends and followers on Facebook is another way to gain likes and more followers. Engagement with others draws a cooler image of you in their eyes. They perceive you as an interesting and active individuals.

It is like getting karma points. Like and leave comments on your friends’ posts and they will do the same once they find out you are out here supporting. Yes, it works. But make sure to always be natural. You shouldn’t pretend at all.

6.   Use Hashtags

Using hashtags adds a lot of value to your posts. Especially when you use extremely relevant hashtags. Hashtags will up your game. So make sure to add hashtags in your post. The audience you receive using hashtags may be smaller but it’s worth it.

Pro Tip: Always add hashtags in the comments sections. Because that will make your post look clean.


We have covered six tips to receive more followers and likes on Facebook. What we know so far is that joining a Facebook group and adding more friends can be very beneficial. Since it can help us gain more followers.

Moreover, using hashtags can also bring you up in the feed. Most importantly if you are natural and telling a real story. Apart from that, original content is also very impactful. So make sure to be as original as possible. Thanks for reading!

Shehbaz Malik
Shehbaz Malik
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