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7 Best Math Applications for Windows:

Mathematics is critical for the students to understand, as you can say it is the mother of all the subjects. There are online applications and software available for solving difficult questions of the derivations and integrations. When you are drawing the graph of the straight line, you need the slope of the equation to draw the graph.

Slope equation calculator makes it easy to calculate the slope, when we are entering the equation of the straight line. Slope calculator makes it easy to draw the value of the slope directly from the quadratic and straight line equations. Slope finder makes the whole calculation of drawing the graphs and finding the coordinates easy for us.

In this article, we are discussing the 7 Best Math Applications for Windows:

1:Microsoft Math:

Microsoft Math is an interactive way to learn Math, you can learn the difficult concept in the most easy way. You can learn the difficult concepts in the easiest way, you can learn the derivations and integration in the easiest way. Slope formula calculator in combination with the Microsoft Math is outstanding for the students to learn Mathematics.


GeoGebra is one of the most flexible Math tools, and you can apply this to learn the concepts of algebra, geometry, statistics, graphs and calculus. Find the slope of the line by using the GeoGebra, and predict the future prediction by extending the Cartesian coordinates.

3: Learning point:

Learning Point is one of the famous apps that have separate user interfaces for Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Probability and Calculus. You are easily able to find the  Slope of two points, slope from two points calculator. You can implement the concepts in the various branches of science.

4:Function plotter:

There is nothing complicated about the Functions plotter app. You can say nothing is complicated about the app, you are going to essential points by slope equation calculator. This app helps to learn the basic concepts of Mathematics.  You can install this app on Windows 8 and 10.


The iMath is especially prepared for the Kids, and helps to perform better in the class. Kids of age under 12 can learn a lot from this app, the interface is really simple and easy to use for the students. The difficult concepts like slope of line by simple graphs and illustrations. You can teach the students to learn from slope equation calculator and iMath.

6:Komodo Math:

Basic concepts are quite essential for the kids, Komodo Math is for the children of the age from 5 to 11. Teachers are recommending the students to learn from this app and learn basic concepts of Math. You can even learn the difficult concepts like slope of the line from the app and can use the slope equation calculator.

7:Rocket Math:

Rocket Math is a game based app designed for children, it is the best way to learn Math in a fun environment. Children love the learning process in the most relaxed environment. RocketMath provides them this platform.

Math learning is all about learning and collaboration, the tools like slope equation calculators provide them with an interactive environment.



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