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A Dog Breed Guide to the Best Canines for Families with Children

In the past, there have been numerous reports of children being attacked by dogs. Even though it is a very uncommon occurrence, it is one reason why many families decide not to get a pet canine.

Being bitten by a dog at a young age can create an extreme fear towards animals in general in the future, it’s therefore important that parents consider the right kind of dog breed to introduce into the family. Learn more about why some dogs bite and how you can prevent it from happening, here:

The right kind of dog breed can teach your child compassion, responsibility, and cooperation. Before you pick the first cute pup you see, you should consider one of the following dog breeds that are known to be great additions to families with children.

Boston Terrier

Who does not love this adorable family friend? The Boston Terrier weighs no more than 25 pounds and sports a funky tuxedo coat. Their small stature, and the fact that they are low maintenance, makes them very easy to keep in apartment buildings.

They love to sleep, cuddle, and be petted just as much as they love going for a walk and playing fetch outside.

Cavalier King Spaniel

These cute pups are very friendly and cuddly. They have soft and silky fur and is a small canine that loves to play. Because of their small exterior, they love to be picked up and make excellent lap dogs. The Cavalier King Spaniel is lively and loves going on family walks.

Labrador and Golden Retrievers

Labradors are well known for being extremely clever and trainable. Any family who introduces a lab into their home will have a best friend for life. Despite their size, this pet will always seem to be a fun and joyful pup.

Because they are so easy trainable, they can assist the family in many household tasks. While creating hours of endless laughs with their individually unique personalities.

Labradors love children, adults, and other pets, for this reason, they are the perfect holista pet for your home. Do not underestimate their need for physical exercise though. To keep a lab happy, you should play fetch, go for walks, and runs on a regular basis. Their active personalities make them perfect for families who love going on active trips.


Do you remember the TV show, Lassie? Well, if you do, you’ll recognize the Collie as being trainable, friendly, loving, and protective. The Collie has a long coat with either ‘smooth’ or ‘rough’ coats. They absolutely adore children and are very protective of their families. Definitely a great option for active families with enough space.


Poodles come in three different sizes: toy-sized, miniature-sized, and standard sized. Depending on the amount of space you have available you can choose accordingly. They are also available three different colours: black, apricot-brown, and black). Poodles sport a thick curly coat that can either be clipped into funky cuts or left to grow naturally. Making them perfectly customizable.


There is a big debate about whether pugs are beautiful or not so appealing. Their wrinkly skin makes them look funny, but it also adds to their fun and cute characters. The pug grows up to weigh no more than 15 pounds and loves to cuddle with you and the kids on the couch while watching a movie.

Bring on the snacks, as Pugs love to nibble on treats while relaxing in their most comfy spot. Read this article to learn more about Pugs.

A Mutt

Some of the best house dogs remain mutts. Sure, they have no certificates, and no one really knows where they come from or what breeds they truly are. But one thing is for sure, they have a lot of genuine love to give to their owners.

Visit your local pet rescue to consider one to adopt. Vets also recommend adopting older dogs from shelters, as they are typically calm, relaxed, and extra loveable.

No matter what breed you decide on, as long as you and your family give your new canine a lot of love, attention, and food – they will return the favour with their undying love, loads of cuddles, and loyalty.

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