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All about AI written content

The Internet has become a larger space day after day. With its expansion, people can enjoy multiple pages and access them wherever they want, making it harder to become a highlight on it. With several content, marketing departments have been betting on original content.

Day after day, people are looking for new information about something, getting millions of answers per second. Due to that, companies are looking to make the best SEO content, once their strategy uses keywords to target an audience, besides putting their content in the first place on Google Page Results.

However, technology has expanded like the internet, making some tasks optimized by a machine. One of them is Artificial Intelligence, which has been used in video games, for example, and now to write original content as well. Check out more about this new technology and how marketing professionals have been using it.

What is AI-written content?

Artificial Intelligence has been used for a while. We can find it on cell phones, in our homes, on computers, videogames or even on a call centre or chat. The new technology promises original content for you written in seconds.

Becoming viral on TikTok in the last years, people are using the tool to get a subtitle to social media posts, formal work messages, school projects or even advertisement content, blog articles, e-commerce products and video descriptions.

A lot of people consider it a blessing in disguise. After all, you can make several contents in minutes, all of them different and original. However, in the last months, Google are making updates and some marketing professionals are worried that the platform can punish this kind of content.

Can Google punish AI-written content?

Millions of people per day do research on Google, always expecting the best answers to their questions. With a lot of information, Google uses some criteria to consider content good or bad.

Most of these criteria are defined by the number of access if the performance of the website is comfortable to the user if the users stay on the website or leave as soon as they enter it. With that being said, it is necessary that your article adds value to the persons who are reading your content. Some marketing specialists believe that this is the problem of AI-written content: they do not add value to content.

Besides being original and made quickly, the contents created by Artificial Intelligence are a mashup of other internet contents, without verification if that information is true or not, or even if that information makes sense or not.

Semantically, the Google platform can not identify if the content is written by a person or a machine, but it can identify if the content is coherent and if it is important to the user. So if you copy and paste AI-written content to your website, you may not suffer punishment, but also you will not improve your authority to Google.

Does that mean I can’t use AI-written content?

As said, with a lot of information, people are more and more looking for content that adds value to their life and to their questions. Besides AI written content does not do that, you can do it.

For a lot of marketing professionals, AI Written Content is the start of the text, like an inspiration, but just a start. According to Neil Patel, you can take the time to make the content better, adding not just value, but expertise, authority and trust to the content.

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