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Amazing Ways to Schedule Your Posts – 4 Simple Steps

Properly Scheduled Social Media Posts Are More Visible
One of the chief purposes behind marketing through social media is to reach the largest amount of potential or existing clientele. You’re looking to advance market visibility using these cost-effective methods. There are a number of different ways to optimize how you capitalize from social media, and one of the chief methods involves post scheduling.

Essentially, statistical analyses of social media use reveals when people are most likely to notice and potentially engage with a given post. Because this has become an increasingly prevalent aspect of the market, best practices involved with posting on social media are key to greater Return On Investment, or ROI.

Many don’t realize there are aspects of social media outreach which can be monetized—essentially, in which you can invest. Some investments are temporal, some involve actually spending money for a desired result. Whether you’re just investing your time or your resources, the following tips will help you see the most positive results from what you post.

1. Researching The Market And Posting Appropriately

This website lists some of the best times you can post on social media for 2021. With minor differences year over year, these statistics tend to stay the same as time goes by.

For Facebook, generally, the best time to post on weekdays will be between 6:15 in the morning and 12:15 in the afternoon, PST, during the work week. For Instagram, you’re looking at between 8 and 12 in the morning or 4 and 5 in the afternoon, PST.

Interestingly, Twitter’s best posting times are between 6 and 9 in the morning on weekdays, PST. LinkedIn posts are best done between 8 and 11 in the morning, PST.

Now all these times are variable based on your clientele. Some businesses provide products or services pertaining to a demographic who has different needs. You’ll notice that these times are given in PST, and there’s a good reason for that—the spread covers a variety of nationally occupational schedules. Narrowing things down requires in-depth scheduling tools.

2. Utilizing Social Media Scheduling Tools

Social media scheduling tools can help you automate outreach based on specific metrics pertaining to the products or services of your business. For example, if you’re serving the HORECA industry (Hotel, Restaurant, and Cafe), then posting a little later in the morning may be better—especially if you’re dealing with high-end restaurateurs.

The more “stylish” the restaurant, the greater the likelihood they open right around noon or later, and close late in the evening; meaning those who would make purchasing decisions aren’t even awake till later in the morning. That said, a sous chef may get up early to prepare varying dishes, so if you’re serving them directly, earlier posts may be smart.

Essentially, everybody in the modern world wakes up and plays around on their phones for an hour or so each day. Primarily, they’re checking notifications across varying social media channels. Since this is when they’re on, you want to follow their activity schedules. But when they wake up differs per industry.

To that end, collecting specific data and organizing the scheduling of social media outreach saves time and expands associated impact. Many tools exist just for this purpose. For more information on available Instagram schedulers, read this great post by Sked social.

3. Seeking Consultation To Establish Best Practices In Scheduling

Here’s a little “inside baseball” on establishing a social media consultancy group. Such consultants, if you can find them, will really crunch the numbers pertaining to your specific industry. HORECA differs from a lot of more traditionally “blue collar” jobs. For example, construction work tends to start before the sun rises—so you’d want to post accordingly.

Meanwhile, white collar jobs tend to characterize a massive chunk of the market, and they’re going to operate on schedules which more traditionally match the average best times to post. Niche industries will have different times when target demographics are statistically likely to engage with your content.

Consultants can examine your particular business, and the present impact you’re having on the market. They can give you top-tier, modern insights into the present situation defining the market, and help hone outreach to a sort of laser-focus in terms of effectiveness. Consultants can be more costly, but you should see results that balance out the extra expense.

If you don’t see such results, then either switch or abandon such consultants. Finding reliable consulting groups can be difficult. Thankfully, there are situations where you can pay a one-time fee for advice, and if it works, then you’re in good shape. Whether this step is right for your business will primarily depend on your business.

4. Finding Successful Competitors And Following Their Example

What are primary competitors doing, and is it working for them? While you can’t acquire they’re “in-house” metrics, you can look at followers, likes, shares, and associated content which builds visibility.

If what they’re doing is working, then you might try it, and see if it matches your needs. The time when posts are made, associated hashtags, and the sort of content that is posted are three pillars of social media outreach which tend to have notable impact on visibility.

Increasing ROI Through Social Media Marketing Optimization

Social media posting strongly benefits from market research, utilizing available scheduling tools across social media, optimizing outreach through consultation, and using the same successful tactics at outreach that competitors do.

Different approaches may have more or less effect for your particular business. Research the situation and make social media outreach marketing decisions accordingly. It’s certainly advisable to keep relevant metrics on each foray into social media outreach, and follow the numbers to find which outreach times best match the needs of your business.

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