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Are Gaming Laptops Worth It? What to Consider When Calculating the Cost Value

Are you trying to figure out what new gaming device is the best for your needs? You have so many options. Between an abundance of consoles, intimidating gaming PCs, and gaming laptops, how are you supposed to choose the right one?

This is a large expense, so you should take it seriously. Keep in mind that there’s no wrong answer, but there are some answers that will be better than others. We want to talk to you about gaming laptops and why a gaming laptop might be the best choice for your gaming needs.

But are gaming laptops worth it? We think so. Keep reading to learn everything that you should consider when you’re trying to decide if a gaming laptop is right for you.

How Often You Play

Before you get any kind of gaming device, whether it’s a console, a PC, or a laptop, you need to consider whether or not you’re going to spend a lot of time playing it. All of these things are going to be hard on your budget, so make sure that you’re making the right call based on your time constraints, how much you enjoy playing games, how long you tend to play for, and how long you find yourself playing games before you get bored.

Someone who’s more of a “casual gamer” may not want to spend the money on a gaming laptop. While we’re fans of gaming laptops, they’re still expensive. If you don’t have a big budget, it’s not the best call.

That said, if you’re a big gamer who always wants the newest and best things, you already know that you’re committed to getting a new device, even if you aren’t yet sure what you want. Even if you only play games for a few hours per week, the cost is worthwhile when you consider how long you’re going to use the gaming laptop.

In short, casual gamers may be better off without the added expense. Gamers who are committed to the gaming lifestyle? Totally worth the purchase.

Your Space Constraints

Part of the decision to get a laptop over other gaming options is the amount of space that you have to game in. Anyone who’s ever lived in a micro-studio apartment or a small room in a shared home knows that the idea of fitting all of your entertainment devices inside without cluttering your space is daunting.

If you have an abundance of space to game in, this isn’t a concern for you. You can pile your room high with every console under the sun and set up a full-sized gaming PC battle station. Why not?

Not everyone has that kind of room. You might have space for a single console. You may not even have a television. If this sounds like you, a gaming laptop is a great answer. When you buy a gaming laptop, you can set it anywhere. It can hang out under your bed while you’re not using it. You can use it at the kitchen counter.

Gaming laptops are the perfect solution for gamers who lack floor space.

The Games That You Play

When you buy video games, what are you looking for? Do you have a favorite series? Do you prefer simple games or games with high-end graphics?

For people who love simple games, such as older games, pixelated games, or visual novels, a gaming pc or gaming laptop might not be necessary. These games are easy enough to run on low to medium-end computers, meaning that your average laptop is more than enough.

Anyone who likes new and expensive games, though, needs something more heavy-duty. Consoles and gaming computers are key if you want good performance, good graphics, and a smooth playing experience.

You also want to keep in mind if the games that you like to play are available on the PC. Most games are available for computers. There are more games available for computers than for any console. That said, there are also console-exclusive games. If you’re making the decision between a console and a gaming laptop, this should factor in.

For example, Nintendo games are often exclusive to their series of consoles with no plans of ever releasing them onto gaming PCs or laptops. There are also several Playstation and Xbox exclusives. Look at your ideal game library to see if there are any games that you can’t live without and if they’re available for PC or laptop gaming.

The Cost of Consoles

Even with the best gaming laptop deals, gaming computers are expensive. You can check out these deals on Lenovo devices to get an idea of what you could spend on a gaming laptop. With that in mind, though, consider the cost of the consoles that you’d get if you didn’t get the computer.

The Nintendo Switch is the cheapest of the newer consoles. It retails at $299. Both the new Xbox and Playstation can hit a cost of $499. In other words, these are expensive devices. Regardless of whether you choose a console or a computer, you’re spending a lot of money.

With the exception of the Switch, the consoles aren’t too much cheaper than a gaming laptop. We’ll talk more later about what might make a laptop more worthwhile than one of the consoles as far as usage goes. You should also keep in mind that generations of consoles go by quickly.

You may be able to continue playing with your laptop through more than one generation of consoles. This means that you can play games that are released for next-generation consoles even when you don’t have the consoles yet.

The Cost of Games

The cost of consoles aside, consider the cost of games. In this category, gaming laptops are the obvious winner. But why?

When new games are released, they often retail for around $60. While the prices may go down over time, it’s not common for them to dip too low until they’re outdated. Sales for console games are rare, and there are few “cheap” indie games available.

When you use a gaming laptop, you get several online game shops (the most popular is Steam). The online shops have plenty of benefits for people who are looking to save a few dollars and still expand their game libraries.

First, these online stores have a plethora of games from all kinds of developers. You can find free or low-cost games from indie developers that make great additions to any library, even if they aren’t as flashy as their mainstream counterparts. Some popular games, like Fortnite, are free by default (though you can make in-game purchases).

The stores also have sales. It’s not uncommon for a popular game to dip in price during a big sale, especially if it’s a year old (or more). You can find popular games for a fraction of their original prices.

Bonus: Do you play games with other people?

Many games are multiplayer now, but with consoles, you have to pay for the privilege to play online. You’re not paying for the game subscription, you’re paying for the internet usage through the device.

With laptops for gamers, you’re already online. No extra payment is necessary.


Whether you’re getting a gaming laptop or a normal laptop, portability is often the driving force behind your decision.

Gaming PCs are great. They’re powerful and they can play anything. What they’re not, though, is portable. You’re not taking your battle station to a friend’s house or the common room of your college dorm. Consoles are the same unless you have a portable console like the Nintendo Switch.

Laptops? You can take them with you anywhere. They fit in a backpack. They’re great for game nights with friends, long trips, or boring waits.

You should keep a power source with you to make sure that your laptop lasts for the duration of your trip. These laptops are powerful, but they use up a lot of energy.

Your Other Technology Needs

One of the things that makes gaming computers so valuable is that you can use them for everything else too. They’re powerful computers, so they make quick work of basic computing needs. You can run your music programs or video editing tools with ease. You can use this laptop for schoolwork, for work, for answering emails, or for anything else.

Consoles serve one purpose: playing games. They’re great at it. But gaming laptops let you do everything else. The best gaming laptop is going to be an all-in-one tool.

Are Gaming Laptops Worth It? Totally

Gaming laptops are expensive, but for good reason. They give you a huge potential library of games. They’re portable, and powerful, and they don’t take up much space. You can use them for your non-gaming needs as well, making them great well-rounded devices.

So are gaming laptops worth it? For any gamer who plays often, without a doubt. Why not pick one up today?

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