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4 Benefits of Buying an Email Lead List

Email marketing campaigns are still a hugely effective way to contact your customers and potential customers and convert that contact into sales and inquiries.

The benefit of an email marketing campaign is that almost everyone uses email, and for some people, they are checking it multiple times a day. If you combine this with a good quality email lead list of people who are interested in your business, you are likely to achieve great success.

Allows you to target your email

When you buy an email lead list, you don’t just get a list of email addresses. You will also receive information on what types of goods and services those prospects are interested in, which allows you to target your email marketing campaign.

Targeting your email marketing campaign rather than sending out generic emails en masse is effective for a few reasons:

  • It allows you to tailor your email so that it is relevant to the person receiving it. This makes it more likely that they will open your email, and take whatever action you want them to take.
  • By targeting your email campaign, you will see an increased return on investment (ROI). If your message is more relevant you will see more revenue as a result of your campaign.
  • Sending customers and potential customers emails that are useful and interesting to them is a great way to build a relationship and improve their trust in your brand. Conversely sending out generic marketing emails is a great way to get people to opt-out of receiving communications from you.
  • Building a good relationship with your customers through email marketing means that you are likely to retain them for longer.


When considering cost, it’s important to consider the alternative options. In terms of digital marketing, the most obvious alternative is social media. And there’s no doubt that social media is a powerful marketing tool.

However, the engagement rate for social media is actually pretty low (estimated at 0.58%). Email, on the other hand, reaches about 85% of the people you send it to and is opened by 23% of those.

Plus running ads on social media can get really expensive, and you have to keep paying for the entire duration of the ad campaign. Email on the other hand can be both low cost and effective.

Find people who are interested in what you do

Buying a lead list from a professional firm like Lead Lists means that you can buy so much more than just a list of names.

You can discuss your needs and marketing goals with them, and they will provide you with a list of names of people who have already shown themselves to be receptive to what you are offering. This improves the success of your campaign immeasurably.

Validated data

Using a lead list company also means that the data you are buying is validated as being accurate. This saves you the headache of either validating the data yourself or of dealing with hundreds of bounce-backs.

Shehbaz Malik
Shehbaz Malik
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