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Best Online Documents Converter Review


Best Online Documents Converter Review. Searching for the perfect PDF converter tool is not an easy task. However, it is more recommendable to use an efficient, fast-working, and safe online converter tool. Especially if you manage PDFs with sensitive and private content, it is better to use a trusted online instrument designed for these kinds of tasks. You can try out PDFBear.

The Essence of PDF Conversion

There are many reasonable factors to consider when converting PDFs. It’s either you convert your usual files to PDF or the other way around. People mostly convert to PDF when they are entirely finished with the content and only need to transmit the file for the other end’s reference. They convert PDF to other formats, mostly for editing purposes.

For example, you have a PDF file that requires large amounts of editing; you will need a PDF to Word online free. There are also instances where you will need only minor edits, such as adding watermarks, page numbers, and e-signatures to your PDF. All of these editing operations can be achieved with the most recommended online PDF converter, PDFBear.

Our main discussion will be about converting PDF to Word, JPG, and Excel. Just additional information, converting your usual files to PDF is an excellent practice as you can upload and send your files faster online. It is more compact and accessible to any other device or operating system. The file content’s uniformity will remain intact, even when sent to others.

How To Convert PDF To Word

MS Word is the primary choice for programs making documents or compositions from scratch. This program has all the necessary tools for making formal and legal documents since it has the ideal spacing options, indentations, page orientation, text formats, and other technical needs for making clean and organized writings. Adding images is also possible.

If you have a PDF that needs major content modification, it is ideal to convert it back to Word. When you finish converting them to Word, you will be able to make edits as if you are making a Word document from scratch. Although it may not be totally the same with a Word composition, editing becomes easier when this conversion is followed.

  1. Open your browser and proceed to PDFBear’s website, and then select the PDF to Word option.
  2. Locate your PDF and drag it to the PDFBear converter dropbox; the upload process will only take less than 10 seconds.
  3. You will have the option of whether to convert it to Word directly or convert it with OCR, depending on your needs.
  4. After selecting the conversion type, PDFBear will convert your PDF to Word in just a few seconds, and you are done! Click download to save your file, or use the URL for more effortless social media file transfer.

PDF to Word

The management of the documents isn’t an easy task, especially if the number of files is large. Moreover, sharing the documents from one device to another, or through the web is also a serious job. PDF is considered as the best way to overcome this issue and share the documents over the web. But, this format has limitations when it comes to editing content. You cannot modify a PDF file without having some special applications, or the premium version of Adobe.
The best way to solve this issue is an online PDF to doc converter. You can find a plethora of online PDF to doc converters that can help you in converting your PDF to Doc files. You may have an idea that it is quite simple to edit a Word file and add some images or other graphical information in it. The use of an online facility allows you to turn as many PDF to doc files as you desire without making any hard efforts. A plethora of online PDF to doc converters are available on the web, and you can pick any one of them as per your requirements.



Photo enthusiasts highly prefer this conversion process. Although we all know that PDFs are the most convenient file formats for file sharing, JPGs are the best option for images. Photographers and photo enthusiasts also prefer PNGs, but JPGs remain more convenient as they are mostly available on all systems and are more compact.

When you convert your PDF to JPG, you can make detailed edits to your high-resolution images. It also becomes easier for photo editors to make these edits when in this format compared to that of PDF.

  1. Select the PDF to JPG option from the PDFBear home page.
  2. Drag your preferred PDF to the PDFBear converter dropbox.
  3. Choose your converting option, and then the conversion process will commence.
  4. Your JPG file is now available for saving, and you can still copy its URL to faster social media transfer.

PDF To Excel

Most offices use Excel spreadsheets for more accurate and reliable records. This program’s pre-installed cells and formulas allow its users to gain more accurate computations and systemic reviews of their data or company records. Most data recorded on these spreadsheets are mostly confidential such as financial data, employee records, etc.

If your PDF’s content is in the spreadsheet format, it is best to convert it to Excel. Although printing may be more challenging when in Excel, editing cells and formulas are best done in this format. PDFBear also has an exceptional security system to ensure your confidential records are deleted every after upload within a 60-minute interval.

  1. Select the PDF to Excel option from the PDFBear home page.
  2. Drag your preferred PDF to the PDFBear converter dropbox.
  3. Choose your converting option, and then the conversion process will commence.
  4. Your Excel file is now available for saving, and you can still copy its URL to faster social media transfer.

Takeaway: PDF conversion is fast and easy with the use of PDFBear. Even if you are a beginner in handling these PDF documents, this online tool is user-friendly and comprehensible. You can also check out and try the other features of PDFBear for free!

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