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Building Your Spotify Platform – Here’s What You Need to Know

Whether you are an amateur musician, someone with years of experience, an unsigned artist or simply keen on the pleasures of music, you should probably be interested in one of the world’s largest streaming platforms. That’s right, Spotify has been helping people step up their work and upgrade their careers for more than a decade now. However, this gigantic outlet has its specificities and before thoughtlessly hopping onto the bandwagon of its massive appeal, there are things you need to consider. From the playlist type to branding yourself properly, the list goes on. Below you can find some of the most useful tips we have picked for you.

Unique, but similar

What exactly does the above juxtaposition imply, you ask? Surely, even if Spotify is not as visually overloaded as other big social media platforms, it still shares some of the key qualities with Instagram, Facebook etc. First being the importance of engagement and promotion. In other words, you have to advertise yourself appropriately. No one will magically start searching for your music out of blue.

Initially, it will be fairly helpful to ask the people around you for some assistance. The best they can do is stream or shuffle your music and help make it more known on the platform. In addition, you may employ the use of sponsored content to put yourself out there and gain more publicity. Perhaps, you are not hesitant to spend a little bit of your own money on self-promotion? Afterall, the chances of you building a successful Spotify presence would increase substantially, if you, say buy Spotify saves. The latter is extremely important for your engagement rate, since a ‘’save’’ is a basic determinant of how much the audience interacts with your content. Whether they save it to their private playlists, ‘’heart’’ it or download it to enjoy some offline listening, you have to make sure that your Spotify save rate looks good.

Choose the playlist type

As repetitive as it may be, you cannot expect your Spotify platform to be any successful, if you do not specify your content, and market it appropriately to reach out to the target audience. Otherwise, your whole presence will be all over the place, and you will likely gain nothing from your efforts.

What you need to know is that there are several basic sorts of playlists on Spotify. Content playlists are usually genre-specific. This means that the listener can search for: Classical music, rap, r&b etc. and get a fitting playlist featuring all the desirable tracks. Second type of playlist you will encounter on Spotify, and which is increasingly popular, is the context playlist. The latter is more focused on details such as a particular action, season, activity or mood. You have to put more work into creating a high-quality context playlist, although, if you want to combine both of these, you will have to go for the hybrid playlist. Whichever of these three you decide to pick, make sure to first research the specific audiences they adhere to.

Reach out to blogs and other outlets

Seeking promotion outside Spotify is always a good idea, and can be just as effective. Blogs who cover certain artists have helped many Spotify newbies establish and successfully build their platforms. Search for the blogs that cover musicians featured in your playlists. Additionally, there are websites specifically designed to boost the playlist promotion. You should submit/add your content on places like these and essentially, you are going to have a greater chance of gaining more fans and followers.


There is not much to say here. Connect with your fellow Spotifiers and let the teamwork make the dream work! Not only will you enlarge the boundaries of your audience, but by putting yourself out there, you might get noticed by useful people with greater likelihood. This tip will be especially useful if you are an absolute newbie and need external assistance to take the right steps. Spotify is a very social and user-friendly place in general. People that agree on collaborating with you will not hesitate to give you helpful tips and guide you through the competition and challenges that are to come your way. However, make sure to always have something to give back in return. Afterall, kindness does indeed reciprocate.

Shehbaz Malik
Shehbaz Malik
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