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Confection Brand Packaging: What Solution Is Best for Candy?

If your product is candy or other sweet snacks, your packaging can make a difference when your goal is to entice first-time buyers to try out your confectionaries. When deciding on your packaging, your priority is preserving the quality of what’s inside, but there’s more to it than that. First impressions can be a critical issue when shoppers walk past row upon row of your competitors’ products.

Material and Structures to Consider

The packaging materials you choose can keep your products fresh and extend their shelf life, even after they’re opened. The flexible materials that go into custom packaging bags made from mylar can include high-barrier films that protect the contents from moisture and other environmental issues.

When you’re promoting products such as candy or other snacks, your customers will appreciate flexible packaging materials that are easy to hold while opening and resealing them. Deciding on polyethene for your packaging will not only keep sweets fresh, but its moisture-proof qualities will help prevent them from getting sticky.

Polyethylene is recyclable. Customers who care about sustainability will appreciate your environmentally friendly approach to packaging. Your choice of a stand-up pouch structural format for your products will also earn the appreciation of consumers who like to save portions of your product for future snack breaks.

Colour and Design for Packaging

There are loads of competition on the store shelves and around the checkout area displays, and it’s all clamouring for your potential customer’s attention. When you consider the image and text elements that will appear on your packaging, choose color schemes that match the flavours of your products and promote positive emotions. Decide what fits best with your branding — lively colors to attract attention or soft pastel tones that can recall an air of elegance.

Because flexible packaging options allow you to print on the entirety of the outside surface, use it to communicate your branding and company values. Custom food packaging bags can act as your brand ambassador. Think about how you can use text content and selective imagery to connect with the age groups, demographics, and lifestyles of your target market. If, for example, you’ve decided to go with a recyclable packaging material, you can make note of that fact on your packaging.

Portion control and on-the-go convenience are factors that can help you build a growing and more diversified consumer base. Not every potential customer wants a multi-serving package that might tempt them to overindulge in a treat-oriented food product. Consider offering packaging variations that can accommodate the snack-on-the-run commuter or single-serving fan.

Let a Packaging Expert Show You the Options

A wide range of branding options becomes available when you choose flexible packaging for food, confections, or nutritional supplement products. You can, for example, give your potential customers a “sneak peek” of your product through a transparent window that’s as sturdy and protective as the rest of the packaging. Hang holes can enable you to create a packaging version that gets you greater visibility at a retail checkout area.

Connect with a state-of-the-art packaging provider that can show you all the options you can choose from. Make an informed decision on what type of packaging best suits your brand and begin growing your customer base.

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