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Difference between YouTube and YouTube Vanced

There are many official websites on the internet for video services and YouTube is the most popular website. This is the most popular site, and many people have been excited about watching videos from YouTube. But some users have found that watching videos via YouTube is useless and just a waste of time for their marketing techniques. Therefore, many users of mod apps have developed some alternative apps to avoid such commercial ads and some additional features have been added to the mod functionality. The most popular mod is YouTube Vanced developed by the XDA developer Master T and subsequently updated by a team of four members of XDA. Click here to know more about YouTube accounts.

You Tube Features

YouTube is built to reveal new YouTube features and enhanced tools to make the experience of the user and creator even more enjoyable and beneficial. Small businesses that use the video platform to market their products or brands should welcome these improvements, rolling out over the course of the rest of the year.

Better Live streams

Live streaming is not just about the quality of videos. The delivery system covers music, sports, education and more. Content creators will now have an easier time to set up and maintain their live streams, whether it’s audio, software or sports. The company also revealed its new YouTube Gaming app that will allow gamers to take advantage of the enhanced live stream software for a trip.

Improved Comments

Although comments are welcome, junk comments are an annoyance to most users when watching videos and interacting with the same kind of people, if not everyone wants to see them. The new ranking system is designed to reduce the visibility for a cleaner format of junk comments.

Subscriber Notification

For billions of viewers watching videos every day on YouTube, it’s safe to say extremely loyal fans enjoy their channels there. The new subscription notification function can be used by content creators to let their fans know they’ve posted a new video. Each time a new video is released, fans will have access to opt-in and receive notifications through their phone and email.

360 Degree Visual Feature

360 degree is one of the coolest new features on YouTube. New video capturing devices such as GoPro and recording with drones means that a 360-degree can add a new significance to the content we see. The newly added 360-degree functionality allows the viewer to see all that takes place at a specific location. If a relaxation experience isn’t enough, YouTube is also working on adding 3D.

YouTube Features to Make Money

YouTube is introducing more ways to make money for video creators, as the business and its users are trying to become less reliant on sometimes unpredictable advertising deals. The new features include more options for subscription, additional merchandise partners, and another way to get tips during live streaming. Such are the features of direct monetization.

YouTube’s Super Chat, a platform that enables viewers to pay for pin comments on live streams. It has been an increasing source of revenue for creators. YouTube announced during a presentation at VidCon that over 90,000 channels are using Super Chat with some streams bringing in over $400 a minute. For thousands of YouTube channels, Super Chat is the main source of regeneration.

YouTube Vanced Features

This was established by inserting an Xposed system into the official site, and all commercial ads on the official site are disabled by those modules. YouTube vanced is the latest modded version, and developers have included a lot of features such as Ad blocking, Background replay, and many more features implemented the YouTube advanced.
● Disable all the ads that disturb them.
● For all Android devices, pinching to zoom is a supporting feature.
● The auto-repeat feature will repeat your favourite background playback videos is another feature that will resume the video while the lock screen is running.
● Swipe control for volume and brightness

Built-in Adblocker

Ads are an integral part of supporting online articles and developers, but many people would prefer not to see them on YouTube, naturally. Vance has integrated ad-blocking controls. To make it work exactly as you want, you can toggle settings.

Pinch to Zoom

Cell phones with higher aspect ratios, such as the Samsung Galaxy S9, allowing you to zoom in on a video to take up the whole display. Vanced enables you to do this with any aspect ratio on any device.

Auto Repeat Videos

This feature allows you to replay a video after it has been finished. Music videos are an obvious choice, but for any video, it can be used. Choose a video you like and watch it again and again.

Swipe Controls for Volume and Brightness

Swipe control for volume and brightness is a very exciting feature and easy to adjust these things when you are in the middle of some favourite video especially when you watching full screen.
Seek the best way to experience a new phase of YouTube videos on your phone on your favourite computer. Use all its features and use its advantages to the most addicted. Thanks to the developers of XDA who created this great YouTube Vanced for all lovers of YouTube. I think you will understand that YouTube’s significance has disappeared.

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