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Effective Ways to Take Care of Your Smartphone During Winter

Have you ever noticed your cell phone’s battery drop from 100 to 80-70% almost instantly as soon as the temperature in the surrounding drops? If yes, this might just be the article for you.

Users should know that commercial cell phones aren’t designed to function in cases of extreme temperatures. This is similar to the situation where summers cause overheating issues on your Android, iPhone, or iPad, and cold/freezing weather can also lay a negative effect over its lifespan. A rather interesting fact is that the commercial cellphones (Apple and Android devices) are engineered to perform in temperatures above 32 degrees.

Winter might bring the joy of happiness and break, but it also poses its own set of problems for your smartphone. Sadly, your cell phone insurance provider might also not be able to cover you over a situation where your device starts experiencing problems over effective functioning, shortened battery life, and display problems due to negative temperatures.

That’s why learning to take care of your devices during winter is essential as maximum smartphones are powered by lithium-ion that has a high tendency of discharging electricity when exposed to low temperatures.

Follow the suggested tips to save your cellphone during winter.

●      Keep It Inside Your Pocket for as Long as Possible

To begin with, even a simple step of keeping your phone inside your pocket can work significantly in shielding it from the temperature outside. As mentioned earlier, cell phones need a temperature of above 32-degrees to keep running smoothly and efficiently.

Yes, it might not be possible to maintain such temperatures, but keeping your phone in your pocket will allow your device to come close to the body heat. Your body’s temperature can help a big deal in maintaining optimal temperatures.

Remember, smartphones are most vulnerable when left out in the cold.

●      Gift Your Device a Particular Case

We understand the need to operate your phone every once in a while, making it impossible to keep it inside your pocket. We suggest you at least cover your device with a protective case before using it in cold temperatures.

A few cases are crafted to keep your phones warm and come with functionalities to maintain optimal temperatures and protect your devices. These specially designed cases use insulated neoprene to cut out on cold temperatures.

●      Charge Your Mobile Fully All the Time

Draining batteries is a common sight during peak winters. To save yourself from the presence of a dead screen, we suggest you charge your device to a hundred percent before heading out.

As a protective measure, you can carry your devices with phone pouches designed to extend the battery life. It acts as protective measures for your device and stops it from freezing. It would also be helpful to carry a power bank as a reserve source of power for emergencies.

●      Don’t Forget Your Mobile Inside the Car

It is our common habit to forget our devices inside our cars and leave them overnight. While this might be acceptable in summers, it will certainly damage your cellphone in winter. It is advisable that you don’t leave your mobiles overnight or for an extended period in cold weather.

The smartphones we use have fragile components that will face severe damage when exposed to damaging temperatures. We repeat, don’t forget your device inside your car!

●      Use External Accessories

A rather creative tip, we encourage you to try out new and innovative advice on using your mobile devices without actually having to reach them. You could ditch the traditional way of picking up your phones and switch to the ongoing trend of wireless ear buds that help you receive calls without having to grab your phone out of your pocket.


Irrespective of which brand of smartphone you are using, neither the android smartphone brands nor iPhone warranty will cover you over battery damages by negative temperatures. It is upon you to protect your device during harsh winters!

Shehbaz Malik
Shehbaz Malik
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