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Facebook Hidden Features You Will Love to Know

People are getting connected through social media and Facebook is one of them. The users and popularity of this social networking site are increasing day by day. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg on February 4, 2004. He was a student of Harvard College

Monthly active users of this are 2.45 billion and this number is increasing day by day more than other social media. As it a most popularized social media and I think you’re also a user of it, that’s why you’re in here. Here we’re talking about some Facebook Hidden Features that you don’t know how to use them.

Your requested friends

Facebook is a great idea for connecting your known and unknown friends around the world. You can send a friend request for accepting your request. Some of them accept your request and some of them may ignore your request. In this case, you need to know that who’s been hanging on your request, right?

It’s very easy to know about them. At the top of the Facebook page, you’ll see a friend request icon. There is a list of suggestion “People you may know”. Just look at the bottom of it there is a link of “See all”. After going to the next page at the top of the page you’ll find the “View sent requests.”

Click on the “View sent requests” there you’ll find all the requests you’ve been sent. Through this feature, you can cancel those requests or can wait for more for accepting your requests.

Which devices are logged into your account?

This feature is very useful for your account security. It happens with everyone that sometimes when you don’t have your personal device, and you sign in to Facebook through your friend’s devices, and after completing your session, you may forget to sign-out.

For logout from other devices, you need to go “setting” there you’ll find “Security and Login.” At the “Security and Login” page the devices you’ve been login in your account all of them will show on this page. Which device you need to remove from login you can remove those devices from here and they will log out or you may log out from all of the sessions at a time with a click of “Log Out of All Sessions.”

Restrict specific friends from seeing your posts

When you’re posting something on your timeline. It can post as public, friends, only me.

Here, “Public” means your posts can see everyone, that means out of your friend list they can also see the posts. “Friends” means who are in your friend lists only they can see your posts. At last “Only me” is for only for you. When you save your posts as “only me” except you none can see your posts.

If you want to snoop your friends from posts, you just need to click on the “Friends” then select “Add to Another List.” Create a new list whose you need to restrict and post in your timeline with your privacy.

Post saving

If you’re in hurry and don’t have enough time to see a post or you want to save the post to see it several times then there is great news for you, you can save the post for later.

At the top of the post (right side) there is a (…) icon, click on it and have click button of (Save post) then you can save the post.

You can explore your saved posts from the (Saved) option. You can Unsave it from there as you save it.

Want to know your Facebook information?

From the first day to now all of your Facebook pieces of information, you can know easily.

You can get information like Posts, Photos and videos, Comments, Likes and reactions, Friends, Stories, Following and followers, Messages, Groups, Events, Profile information, Pages, Marketplace, Payment History, Saved items and collections, Your places, Apps and websites, Portal, Other activity, ads, Search history, About you, Security and login information.

For that information, you need to go

Setting > Your Facebook information > Access your information / Download your information / Activity log / Deactivation and deletion.

So, it is an easy way to know what are you doing on your FB.

Choosing a “Legacy Contact”

We know that man is mortal. So, everyone has to die one die. For this universal truth, you can set a legacy contact who can manage your ID after your death. Your Legacy contact can control your Facebook ID as you. He can post, update your photos and can get all of your data in your ID. The best option is that you can choose this system for deleting your ID after your death. For this Facebook will send an annual reminder to your Legacy contact for turn off your ID.

For set, this go to

Setting > Memorialization setting > Edit

Choose one of your best friends whom you trust.

Strong Security is the most prominent Facebook Hidden Features

An account should secure its security through strong security. Generally, we use the only password for the security of our ID. But the problem is that a basic password can be hack easily or if anyone sees the password once it can hack easily. So for the best security of our ID, there are some exclusive features for ensuring the top security of it. For a smart setting, you’ve to do these things. Go to

Setting > Security and Login > Use two-factor authentication / Get alerts about unrecognized logins / Choose 3 to 5 friends to contact if you get locked out.
  1. Use two-factor authentication

This feature is used to enter your account through your primary password and then you’ll get a passcode from Facebook. After entering the code, you can access your account. You can also use “recovery codes” for this you’ve to save them first.

  1. Get alerts about unrecognized logins

If anyone tries to enter your account, you’ll get a notification on your Facebook and also in your email. You need an email for getting a notification in the email.

  1. Choose 3 to 5 friends to contact if you get locked out.

Go to this option and set your trusted contacts. It’s for helping you if you can’t access your account. Your trusted contacts can send you a code or URL which helps you to login into your account.

Turn Off auto-play Videos

It’s very irritating to avoid sound or play of a video suddenly when you’re surfing Facebook. For avoiding these irritating things, you can turn off auto-playing videos. For this, you need to go

Setting > Videos then set Auto-Play videos to off.

It’ll save your ear from sudden annoying sounds also it helps you to save your mobile data. You can also turn ON HD-video preference.


As we know that Facebook is one of the popular social media and it getting updated day by day and the features that are updating are for its users to make it more comfortable. If you’re a user of it you just need to cope with its systems and functions for a better experience of it. The Internet user is increasing continuously and cybercrime is also running with it how faster you don’t know.  For keeping yourself fearless and active on Facebook you can use these hidden features which we elaborate on in it.

I wish you happy Facebooking with this set of Facebook Hidden Features You Will Love.


Shehbaz Malik
Shehbaz Malik
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