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Five Reasons to use Sunshades in your Car

Do window covers, and sunshades help the overall driving experience?

Driving in the hot Australian sun, sometimes for hours, can be a lonely and uncomfortable experience.

A simple sunshade may not look like it is doing much to reduce heat, but, as we find out in this article, heat and glare, are reduced by a considerable sum when installing sunshades.   

In the summertime sunshades for cars offer five benefits that we will explore in this article.

Interior Maintenance. Exposed to daily high temperatures a new car’s dashboard, seats, upholstery, and console can age rapidly. By shading the interior, and parking in shaded areas, heat damage is mitigated to the interior of your car, thus helping it to hold market value and keeping it safer. Faded dashboards, damaged by heat, can result in a shiny surface that reflects a glare onto the windscreen limiting visibility.  

UV Ray Protection.  Exposure to sun and UV rays is responsible for skin cancers, especially those exposed to at an early age. To prevent exposure, and to protect our children from these rays a simple sunshade will deflect these rays from entering the car and its passengers. Pets also benefit from the use of sunshades being more sensitive to heat and glare.   

Privacy. During long journeys, especially with passengers, privacy becomes an important concern. Car window shades afford an elegant answer to the issue of privacy by creating an inconspicuous atmosphere inside the car. Let your family enjoy the trip without being subject to the “goldfish bowl” effect. 

Cooler Atmosphere. Nobody likes to be in the hot seat while driving, and a steering wheel hot to the touch is equally uncomfortable. But it is not just comfort. Every year in Australia around 5,000 infants are rescued from hot vehicles. Car heat rises as the dashboard and steering wheel heats and in turn, radiates that heat into the car interior. Using a sunshade will help reduce your car interior from overheating.   

In Car Comfort. In Australia road trips are often long and arduous during the summer months. While air-conditioning can keep the interior cool, long trips require stops to refuel, eat and drink. During the pitstops the interior can overheat – sunshades can help keep the interior and steering wheel cool during these brief stop-overs.

Do Sunshades Work?

There’s only one sure way to know. If you haven’t tried sunshades yet and live in a hot outdoor environment perhaps you should experiment now. Whether you drive for hours at a time or only take small infrequent journeys installing sunshades will make your trip cooler, more comfortable, less dangerous, and more private. In some states tinted windows may also help to reduce glare, but government policy on this changes from vehicle to vehicle and from state to state. In summary, sunshades are highly effective in improving your comfort and driving experience while keeping you and your family safe. 

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