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Global Warming

The emission of CO2 is the main cause of global warming, and the main reason for climate period changes. Time must use anti-fossil fuels to reduce CO2 emission preventing global warming.


Global warming means the rise of the average temperature of the Earth’s climate due to greenhouse gasses released by industries and fuel burning. The main cause of Global warming is the increase of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere resulting in a greenhouse effect that enhanced the warming of the earth. The increase of CO2 shows a fast increase in temperature over the past 30 years caused by the burning of fuel.

It’s simple if humankind increases global warming will also increase because of the use of non-solar energy like carbon fuels (petrol, diesel, coal, etc.), and then Global warming and greenhouse emissions should be compromised.

Note. How temperature rapidly increased in two decades
Note. How temperature rapidly increased in two decades


Earth’s temperature is changing more rapidly than in the past. According to the current situation, the Earth’s temperature will be risen 6 degrees by the end of 2100; Earth’s temperature has increased by 0.85 degrees from 1980-2012. From 1901 to 2001 the sea level has increased by 19 cm, and it will increase up to 24-30 in 2065 and in 2100 it will be about 40-63.


The impact of global warming is much greater than just higher temperatures. Global warming caused much and unusual rainfalls to increase coastal erosion, causes an increase of sea level, changing the timings of seasons, melts glaciers, and makes diseases more fatal, and we are suffering from these changes. Malaria, Dengue, floods, wildfire, drought etc. are directly caused by climate changes, and these are indirectly caused by Global Warming effects.


Climate change will have a direct impact on plants and crops. A study brief said that in the future especially hot regions will suffer longer winter’s period and likely cold areas will face long-term summers. It will be difficult for plants and crops to bear climate period changes,

Global warming changes are observed by scientists at the North Pole where day-by-day ice is melting and causing the rise of sea level. The United States Global Research Program has been accelerating research activities that respond to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Scientists revealed a study of the greenhouse effect, temperature measurements at random areas of the world, and the effect on biota redistribution. The Kyoto Protocol has mandated particular solutions, e.g., a 7% reduction in CO2 levels within 8 years. Future advisory appreciates supporting new technologies that can decrease emissions as well as understanding the role that researchers have in global warming recognition.

What Peoples are Doing?

The Paris Agreement 2016 was signed by 175 world leaders, and they committed to expediting the global response to the threat of Global Warming (UNITED NATION CLIMATE CHANGE), and in 2019 Climate Action Summit leaders across the world agreed on a platform to take preventive measures against global warming.

In 2007 a Nobel Peace Prize is also awarded to former US Vice President Al Gore and the IPCC for their effort of building great knowledge about man-made climate change.

Nation across the world is trying to find out a substitute for energy to prevent greenhouse gasses emissions.


The world is going to find a substitute for fossil fuel; they are using electric cars, windmills, solar systems, Biomass, and Hydrogen fuel cell technology to reduce the emission of CO2.

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