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Guide To The Best Ecommerce SEO Strategies For Success In 2021

Where most people felt hostile towards the lockdown due to COVID-19, E-commerce retailers, on the other hand, were making the most out of it. That’s spot on! Unlike other arenas, Pandemic left a positive impact on the status of eCommerce. After all, it was the only solution that let people shop the essential and other items with utter safety. Fortunately, the groundbreaking success of eCommerce is not going to stop here as the trend of online shopping is expected to shoot up in the future.

However, to make full use of the golden opportunity, eCommerce retailers have to be quite systematic, strategic, and out-of-the-box. That’s where the significance of eCommerce SEO services enters into play. In other words, hiring SEO experts for digital marketing strategy helps to incorporate the best practices to boost the online exposure of the business. Be it desired traffic, conversion rate, ROI, or search engine ranking; an eCommerce business manages to set a cutting edge in all terms by optimizing the website for SEO.

Thus, here are a few best SEO strategies for the eCommerce business to achieve splendid success in 2021. Check-out!

1.  Curate Strong, Useful, and Effective Product Descriptions

One of the significant ways to turn your visitors into customers is to surprise them with eye-catching yet useful product descriptions. Astoundingly, it is one of the reasons why Amazon manages to attract substantial shoppers every time of the year.

To write the product descriptions in line with SEO algorithms, one has to;

  • Highlight the key features
  • Get an understanding of the product.
  • Use simpler language
  • Define target audience
  • Use relevant keywords
  • Be informative
  • Be unique but realistic.

Not only will this let your website rank higher on Google or other search engines but it heads towards more customer engagement in a short time. The reason being, it boosts the sense of reliability among customers unless and until the description is not meaningful or clear.

2.  Favicon Optimization

This is something most eCommerce SEO companies don’t talk about when it comes to boosting SEO performance. Favicons are actually little pieces of graphics meant to represent the business brands on bookmark lists, search history, search ads, browser tabs, and search results. Even though having a good favicon makes a slight difference but can be a reason to influence click-through rates. Other than building brand recognition, it also helps in improving user experience and visibility of the site.

Here are some of the tools that you can access for free to create favicons –

  • Dynamic Driver Favicon Generator
  • RealFaviconGenerator
  • DeGraeve Favicon Generator

3.  Relaunch Or Update Content

No doubt, hiring A-list SEO services for eCommerce helps you create original and quality content for your website. However, most of you take no notice of it after a few months or years. That’s where your content becomes stale and meaningless for users.

As we all new statistics of specific concept changes every year, it is suggested to have a look at your old content and relaunch it as per the latest trends or data. Make sure to keep the URL the same. In this way, you can experience a whopping great expanse of gains in visitors, that is from 500% to 100%.

4.  Remove Inessential Linking

One of the simplest yet most effective strategies that top eCommerce SEO agencies implement is internal linking, that is, linking from one page to another on the same domain. This simple tactic can help the business website achieve better ranking by Google, ultimately increasing the visibility. But this is not it. One has to be quite conscious of the difference between necessary and unnecessary links to avoid the case of PageRank sculpting. It is recommended to regularly check for the unwanted or spam links and remove them to improve the performance of SEO.

5.  Focus On Long-Form Content

Even though short form content also works well to help website rank better, long-form content has its own top benefits. According to many studies, Google favors long-form copies when it comes to prioritizing websites for ranking. Besides, the fact that such content represents substantial consistency, significant depth, and value to readers makes it one of the finest strategies to boost SEO.

6.  Focus On Mobile SEO

According to the 2020 Statista report, mobile devices generated 50.81% of global website traffic. In other words, optimizing your website for mobile SEO can prevent the loss of many potential customers. To improve the mobile SEO, the top-notch eCommerce SEO agency implement the following steps –

  • Ensuring the site is responsive
  • Not using too many popups
  • Improving the site speed
  • Evaluating mobile-friendliness of website
  • Not using too many redirects
  • Not blocking JavaScript, HTML, and CSS code

7.  Improve Your Core Web Vital Score

Google is going to consider page experience as a signal of ranking factor in 2021. To make your website stand intact in that term, it is essential to improve your core web vital score. To be precise, core web vital is a set of metrics that relates to speed, visual stability, and responsiveness of the website. Investing in the same can help online businesses to rank better and proliferate the visibility. Here’s what you need to do –

  • Preload key resources to speed up visual loading time
  • Remove images on mobile above fold
  • Reduce the dimensions of background images
  • Audit site for security issues
  • Reserve space for images for load into
  • Harness WebP Images
  • Optimize image file sizes
  • Make sure that interstitials do not obstruct crucial content

In A Nutshell

Indeed, pandemic turned out to be a boon to digital marketers to a great extent. However, to cope up the increasing competition and stand among the crowd, eCommerce businesses need to shift their focus towards SEO.

Where there is no end to useful SEO strategies for effective business results, working on the aforesaid can help to a great extent. Thus, it’s high to opt for the finest eCommerce SEO services and ensure the implementation of better practices to hit the jackpot.

Go forth and conquer!

Shehbaz Malik
Shehbaz Malik
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