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How can I export my promotional codes?

Step 1

By clicking on the ” Export customer data as XLS” button , you will receive a list of all previously used promotional codes and related customer data, eg. booking number, order data, name, surname, email address and, where possible, the customer’s address.

Step 2

By clicking on the ” Export promotional codes as XLS” button , you will receive a list with all promotional codes and their details.

How can a customer redeem a promotional code?

Your customer can easily redeem the beerwulf discount code through the shopping cart. After placing the product in the cart, the promotional code must be entered in the “Enter the promotional code here” field below and click on “Redeem”. The price will be adjusted accordingly.

Why can’t I create a promotional code for a voucher value?

Promotional codes can only be created for active offers. It is not possible to generate coupon codes for value coupons. This is an attempt to avoid obvious scams, not insignificant on the part of the customer, and to prevent attempts at money laundering.

Why is it not possible to enter a promotional code or value voucher per booking?

The system only allows one code (promotional code or value voucher) per booking.

We often get questions as to why this is.

Using multiple codes in a single booking may cause problems and make the booking process more complex for the system and for users.

Examples of problems:

  • Valid only for some products:

The system allows you to define that promotional codes (codes you create yourself) and value vouchers (value voucher sold through the system for example 50 €) are valid only for some products. What should the system do if the customer has several codes and these are only valid for different products?

  • Different types of codes:

Promotional codes can be generated with different types, eg. value for the whole cart and percentage on the whole cart. What should the system do if someone has a promotional code of € 50 and another of 20%, first take the € 50 from the full amount and make 20% on the rest or first 20% and then the € 50?

  • The customer has several vouchers, deactivation:

A customer has 2 value vouchers and only one of them is sufficient for the full payment of a reservation and the second only partially. How does the system decide which good value should be deactivated?

For examples like this we have decided to allow only one code per booking like in most online shops.


Promotional vouchers allow you to get a discount or take advantage of a promotion on purchases made at our online store. The available methods are different and can range from a percentage discount per item to “Bundle” offers that guarantee a discount on the purchase of a second item. For each promotion, the applicable conditions are explained during the purchase process.

How to use your promotional voucher:

  1. Select a product eligible to use a promotional coupon in our online store.
  2. Go to cart. Click on “Enter Promo Code” in the order summary. The promotional code can also be applied on the delivery page.
  3. The field where to enter the code will be displayed. Enter the discount code in the box and click on “Apply”.

When shopping on the adidas APP, continue by selecting “Checkout” or “Buy” to view the promotional code field during checkout.

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