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How Much a Walk-In Cooler Cost?

When people start looking into getting a walk-in cooler, their first question is, “how much does it cost?” to which no one answers. How much it costs will depend on a lot of things. Like when you are getting a car, there is a wide range of prices. It depends on the brand, the different features it has, and if it is used. Similarly, walk-in coolers depend on where you get them from, if you have to pay installment fees, and any unique features it has.

So rather than telling you how much different walk-in coolers cost, we are going to help you know how to find the perfect one for you and your company.

Used Walk-in Coolers

Getting a used walk-in cooler is the worst thing you can get from a second-hand shop and is also not a good idea. Many people will settle with used coolers because they only focus on the upfront cost and not much else. And yes, it will be much cheaper to buy a used walk-in cooler. But, think about everything that goes into it; there is a reason why the previous owner doesn’t want it anymore. 

When getting a used cooler, you end up putting so much effort into it; it’s not worth saving a few bucks. You have to clean out the whole thing, and even then, it will usually still have a funky smell; then, you have to also fix any issues, pay for replacement parts, and pay someone to fix it. Plus, when buying a walk-in cooler, there is a lot more customization that goes into that people realize, so you will get something that worked for someone else and their space and have to figure out how to get it to work for you. Overall, getting a new cooler will last you a lot longer, and there will be much less hassle.


Many factors go into how much the cooler will cost, like location, type of door, type of refrigeration, type of use, finishes, size, location, and design (usually customized), any added extras. When you are designing your cooler, it is important that you talk to a professional that can tell you the pros and cons of each material and which options are the best or not.

Estimated Walk-In Cooler Cost

While there is no set price, as mentioned earlier, there is an average. People will usually spend around $20,000 on a walk-in cooler. When getting a custom cooler, you usually spend around $15,000 – $40,000, which usually takes around three to four months to come in. Or there are some standard walk-in coolers that you can get; these usually cost around $10,000 – $30,000 and take about three to four weeks to ship in.

When you are looking for a walk-in cooler to fit you and your company, make sure you do your research. Think about what you are going to be keeping in it and find out what is the smartest option that will save you money while still being effective and long-lasting. Sometimes, you will have to just go with the expensive option, but think about how much money it will save you when you don’t have to replace it or when it can keep your supplies cold better. Plus, the more expensive options will save you a lot of money on your energy bill!


Lastly, when you get a walk-in cooler, look for a reliable company you know you can depend on if anything goes wrong with your walk-in cooler. You will want to research while your cooler is still in good condition. This way, you won’t just go with the first option because you need to get it done fast; you will be able to think about each company and its added features and read past customers’ reviews. 

Overall, when you decide which cooler is best for you and all of the features, as long as you talk to a professional, you will have no issue finding the best type of material that will save you money in the long run and in the present time.

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