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How to choose a sewing technique

This section of the site contains articles that provide recommendations and advice on how to choose a sewing machine, overlock, mannequin, tailor’s scissors and other sewing equipment. You will find out which threads are better to use, how the carpetlock differs from the overlock. What is a flat seam and how to choose a cover sewing machine. For those who love machine knitting, recommendations are given on which knitting machine to choose for beginners. All articles are based on the opinions of sewing atelier professionals with special education and extensive experience.

How to choose a sewing machine?

When choosing a sewing machine, first of all, you need to focus on its price. Why would you buy an expensive typewriter for 30 thousand, if you sew very rarely, and even then simple products, like a pillowcase? Buy any economy-class car, and most importantly, do not use it for other purposes. Do not hem thick jeans, do not sew rough fabrics and leather, and it will last a long time without causing complaints. It’s another matter when you need a sewing machine capable of performing certain operations, withstanding heavy loads, and sewing any fabric. Read more about how to choose a sewing machine in this article.

What to buy a sewing machine?

Inexpensive sewing machines are equipped with an oscillating hook, switching operations is done manually. But many modern sewing machines are often equipped with electronics, which increases the capabilities of the sewing machine at times and makes the work convenient and comfortable. Which sewing machine, electronic or ordinary economy class machine to buy, with which type of shuttle? Order now.

Coverstitch household sewing machine

Those who often sew knitted fabrics have to think about buying a special sewing machine for sewing knitted fabrics. What is a cover-up (cover-up) machine is described in detail in this article.

Household embroidery sewing machine

Despite the keyword embroider in the name embroidery, in fact, this machine can perform other operations as well. For example, several types of eyelet, various decorative stitches and stitches. How to choose an embroidery machine, what you need to pay attention to first, etc. It is also suggested that read before buying a sewing machine.

How the sewing shuttle works?

The sewing hook is the main working unit of any sewing machine. The household sewing machine hook can be of three types. Which type of shuttle is best? Which shuttle is the best for choosing a sewing machine? These questions will be answered by a sewing machine repairman.

Sewing hook types

Inexpensive economy-class sewing machines have mainly a swinging hook. This sewing hook is used in sewing machines Chaika, Podolsk. The advantage of this type of shuttle is the low cost of the machine. Disadvantages: noise during operation, low operating speed, the need for periodic lubrication.

Sewing machine manufacturers

Nowadays, many firms produce sewing machines in branches located in various parts of the world. Most of the sewing machines are manufactured in China and Taiwan. The technology for the production of sewing equipment has significantly “stepped” forward, and therefore most often the question of the reliability of the machine depends not on the country of manufacture, but on its owner, her observance of the rules of operation.

Sewing a buttonhole on the sewing machine

The way to sew a buttonhole on a sewing machine is one of the important characteristics when buying it. Read this article and you will learn how to choose a sewing machine with automatic or semi-automatic buttonhole sewing. You may even decide to buy an inexpensive manual buttonhole sewing machine.

Sewing machine Brother second-hand

There is not always a financial opportunity to buy a new and expensive sewing machine, with many operations, a beautiful display and a shiny new case. Perhaps, in this case, you should pay attention to advertisements for the sale of used sewing machines made in Japan, such as this Brother sewing machine.

Sewing machine electric drive

Not often, but sometimes the electric drive becomes the reason for thinking about buying a new sewing machine. But in 90% of cases, you will not have to do this if you check the operation of the electric motor. It is possible that the cause of the “breakdown” is in another, for example, in the sewing pedal.

How the sewing pedal works

If you need to buy a new sewing machine pedal, read this article. In it you will learn that the pedal can also be supplied from another sewing machine. You will also learn how to choose a pedal and how they differ from each other.

Features of automatic and semi-automatic loops

We will consider the features of performing automatic loops in this article, which will help you not only learn how to make loops, but also figure out which sewing machine is better for you to buy, which performs loops in automatic mode or in semi-automatic mode. Moreover, the cost of the machine often significantly depends on this parameter.

How to choose overlock, carpetlock

Which carpetlock to buy

The coverlock can replace three machines at once: an overlock, a coverstitch machine and a grinder. In this article, you will find out how a carpetlock is arranged, and how it differs from an overlock. You will also find recommendations on how to choose a carpet block, what you need to pay attention to when buying.

Which overlock to buy

There are a lot of overlocks in sewing equipment stores, but which one should you buy if you don’t know much about them? Your choice will primarily depend on financial capabilities, but at the same time, there are some nuances that you definitely need to know.

Sewing machine with overlock

How to use the overlock foot and what to look for when choosing a clipper with an overlock function. Additional overlock stitches increase the sewing quality of the fabric on the sewing machine. And if you are not going to buy an overlock in the future, you should pay attention to this when choosing a sewing machine.

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