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How to clean Turkish lamps

Turkish lamps are one of the most challenging décor items to clean. If you wish to clean and polish your lamp, follow the advice we will provide.

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Turkish lamp Cleaning Tips

·        Ensure that the power is turned off before cleaning the chandelier

·        Once the chandelier’s light bulb has cooled, could you turn it off?

·        Dry the Turkish lamp with a dry towel after dusting it with a soapy, moist cloth, beginning from where it is fastened to the ceiling.

·        If the Turkish lamp is made of plastic or cloth, you could clean it with a soapy duster. Vinegar water will clean and brighten the bulb.

·        If you have time and would like to remove the stones from the chandelier, set an empty newspaper-lined container on the top rung of the ladder before removing them.

·        Put each best Turkish lamp component into this container. The newspaper is anti-scratch.

·        It is essential to ensure that the stones do not touch so they do not get scratched. Repeat the procedure several times if the pot is insufficient to hold all the stones.

·        Place these stones on the sheet as you drop them.

A Guide to cleaning Turkish crystal lamp

Cleaning a Turkish crystal lamp is one of the most challenging tasks. It is best to clean a crystal chandelier while suspended from the ceiling since it is straightforward despite its apparent complexity.

If the Turkish lamp stones are readily detachable, you can remove them and wash them or replace them. Before cleaning, wash the Turkish lamp stones with soapy water and buff them with a dry towel. Each one must be replaced separately.

You can use vinegar and water in a spray bottle to remove and install your Turkish lamp if you don’t want to deal with all the removal and installation work. One part vinegar and three glasses of water are sufficient for this task.

After spraying this solution on the Turkish crystal lamp, the dust and filtered water will disappear. It is then necessary to dry each part of the Turkish lamp individually.

Things to remember

·        The first step is to use the right cleaning products for the Turkish lamp. A poor decision might result in the stones being damaged and the overall beauty of the Turkish lamp being compromised.

·        The Turkish lamp must also be dried after being washed, and this detail must also be considered while cleaning it.

·        Turkish lamps may appear stained if the drying procedure is not completed. Taking care of these steps will ensure that your Turkish lamp will sparkle radiantly.

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