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How to Create an effective YouTube Outro Guide for Effective Videos

Most new content creators love YouTube. YouTube uploads 500 hours of content each minute to 1.9 billion monthly users. To stand out from the crowd, your video needs a wow factor. A YouTube outro creator can make your videos more entertaining while also increasing your subscriber count. Even with great material, a poorly designed YouTube outro won’t get viewers to take action. YouTube outros usually include clickable links to your website, blog, or any items mentioned in the video. These components in the YouTube outro keep viewers watching and encourage subscriptions. They can also click on your call to action and visit your website or buy your stuff. YouTube outros require a 25-second video. Eye-catching outro screen images help draw attention. This article will teach you how to make captivating YouTube outros to get the results you want.

Conditions for including an outro

A YouTube outro’s optimal resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. It is best to keep the 16:9 aspect ratio. The outros will seem remarkable as a result when seen on tiny screens, such as a Smartphone screen. For a single video, you may even incorporate up to four end screens as long as the aspect ratio of 16:9 is maintained.

In order for the audience to completely comprehend the information, the YouTube outro should stay on the screen for at least eight seconds. You may extend the outro to last a little bit longer if your video is an hour long. In any event, remember to account for the outro while you are actually filming the video. Your videos should be timed such that you have enough room for an outro at the conclusion. If not, the end screen and the video content can look the same, which can be confusing for the viewer.

Given that a YouTube outro’s main function is to add a particular call-to-action, there are a few possibilities to consider. If you’re a participant in an affiliate marketing scheme, you can also put together a playlist of videos you want the audience to watch. Other options include a subscribe button or a link to another YouTube channel you own or that belongs to another artist. In some outros, the creator appears on camera and requests that viewers like or subscribe to their channel. Avoid the temptation, though, to stuff your outro with extras because it will make it look messy and turn off viewers.

The outro should, in the end, make a particular request of your audience and provide them with clear instructions on how to comply with that request. If you tell people to visit your website but don’t give them a link on the outro screen, they might be very confused.

Tips for creating the perfect YouTube closing sequence

Incorporating an outro, your goal should be to score a home run. Indeed, you’ll want your video’s viewers to be impressed by every aspect of it. In order to assist you in doing it, consider these suggestions:

Persistence pays off

Consistency is key to branding YouTube videos. A consistent colour palette for your logo, movie, editing style, etc. boosts brand memory. You’re a fashion blogger with an online business. Video outros should include your website URL. This will help people locate your website without having to Google the shop name. Moreover, creating a logo for your channel is an additional source of branding. You must seek assistance from a reputed logo maker to create a professional and simple logo that stamped its remembrance in your respected audience’s minds.

Uses of YouTube’s Outro Maker

Content developers struggle to make an outro stand out. This is where InVideo can help.

Professionally designed YouTube outro templates are available for free with InVideo. Don’t worry about budgeting for video outros from designers or agencies. Font, colour, and image customization for the outro are available. To enhance your outros, this free outro maker lets you add transitions, animations, and music. For a gorgeous outro, browse the huge library of free animation styles, animated graphics, photos, and music. Download the customized end screen and add it to your video.

Luckily, this outro maker also makes YouTube intros. Use the intro templates to create a stunning video intro. By using a YouTube template, you can make sure that you don’t overlook any crucial components for your video advertisement, such as titles, logos, captions, transitions, and call-to-actions.

A smart CTA always works

Your viewer will leave the app or switch videos without a clear call to action. An explicit call to action keeps people engaged. The audience should understand the call to action. Linking an unrelated video in the outro will upset viewers.

Keep outros basics

Outros engage viewers, and a messy outro might fail. Choose a clean, simple outro to deliver your point. The outro should not distract the viewers. Choose a movie creator that lets you customize a clean and professional template. If you’re adding a spoken call-to-action, use calming outro music instead of startling music.


A superb YouTube outro finishes a video, creates beauty, and also avoids video blackouts. Remember that a terrible outro can lower viewership and engagement. Even rookie YouTubers may get subscribers with a good outro. InVideo’s templates provide amazing outros. The UI is simple enough to engage your audience without graphic design skills. Visually stunning outros make films more professional, engaging, and shareable.

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