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Software Testing Company: How to Determine the Quality of Service

The main goal of any product or service is to improve users’ lives. In the case of technological solutions, this is achieved when the program works flawlessly, solving specific tasks. You want the interface to be simple and easy to use, the quality and speed of your application to be at the highest level, and all the functions to work correctly, so you decided to use the services of a software testing company. But how can you evaluate the testers’ work? You should spend your time and money only on quality services. That’s why our team of experts has created this article. We have prepared a list of rules, following which you can assess the quality of software testing services correctly.

How do you evaluate a software testing company?

When analyzing software testing companies, it is worth paying attention to several vital aspects that indicate a lack of quality training and a responsible approach.

  • It is essential to determine the extent to which the company is ready to ensure a quick and high-quality replacement of specialists in case of his unexpected absence or other circumstances. If the absence of a backup team can lead to delays in the work process, this may indicate a lack of strategic approach and flexibility in work practices.
  • In addition, an important aspect is the degree of openness of the company to communications. This includes external communications with customers and internal interactions between teams. An insufficient level of communication and availability to discuss issues may indicate deficiencies in the system of cooperation and transparency.
  • It is also essential to pay attention to the company’s compliance with the terms of the contract, in particular, the financial part. Non-conformity of these agreements may indicate dishonesty and bad faith, harming your interests as a customer.

A careful analysis of these aspects will help you avoid cooperation with a company that may not provide the appropriate quality and professionalism in software testing.

What should a professional tester be like?

A responsible tester is defined by his active participation in identifying, documenting, and solving problematic aspects of the software product. We have prepared for you a detailed description of such specialists:

  1. Proactive support and improvement: An effective tester treats the project as his own, not just finding defects. He actively offers to improve the functionality and interface, contributing to improving product quality. A specialist should act as an experienced user, so he helps to improve usability, taking care of the ease of use for the end user. 
  2. Active work with documentation: The tester closely interacts with both types of documentation: design and test. It creates detailed test documents, checklists, plans, and bug reports. At the same time, he understands and clarifies product requirements by communicating with developers. The tester is also responsible for checking all project documentation.
  3. Effective communication with developers: A good tester creates quality bug reports and works with developers to solve problems. He is ready to conduct a 1-on-1 to demonstrate the bug first, help the developer get to the bottom, and determine where and how it should be fixed. This helps to solve problems and improve teamwork.
  4. Release responsibility: The tester is responsible for the product release. He identifies critical bugs that may prevent the release and reports them to the product owner. In addition, it analyzes non-critical bugs and considers the possibility of a release with fixes in the next release.

This holistic role and responsibility of the tester contribute to the quality of the product and improve the cooperation of all development participants.

What specialists should be avoided?

An employee who demonstrates negligence and irresponsibility in performing his duties should be avoided on the project. Your project has such a specialist if you have noticed the following habits:

  • Such specialist is not always available on the work network at the specified hours, which can undermine team coordination and lead to conflicts in the schedules of tasks. In addition, his inability to attend critical meetings indicates a non-serious approach to work and his unwillingness to cooperate with other colleagues.
  • During meetings, such employees may ask excessively simple or deeply detailed questions to prolong the discussion. This can interfere with solving issues and indicates a lack of understanding of the team’s context and tasks.
  • The tester refuses to develop unique solutions using various technologies that will speed up and improve the project’s work because he does not want to spend time on self-development and is not interested in the project’s development. 

Such work habits can pose a risk to the team’s productivity and the quality of the project as a whole, so you should be attentive and respond in time to relevant signs of behavior.

Why choose Luxe Quality?

A Forbes article, “Smart Businesses Are Testing Differently,” examines the importance of transforming testing from a simple defect detection function to a strategic process that significantly impacts user perception and a company’s bottom line. We share this belief, as our team pays special attention to development and continuous improvement to achieve high results. Luxe Quality is proud of several main advantages that emphasize our responsibility and professional approach to software testing:

  • Up to a 40-hour trial period to check quality: We offer a 40-hour trial period during which you can see the difference in our services and determine whether we meet your expectations. 
  • Support for employees: Our employees have access to psychological support that ensures their comfortable working environment and positive attitude.
  • Continuous support from mentors: Our testers receive 24/7 support from experienced mentors ready to help solve any QA-related questions and problems on the project. Instead, freelancers look for a solution to the problem independently, which takes them much more time.
  • Professional development: We actively promote the professional growth of our specialists by providing training and regularly conducting testing exams. Also, our experienced mentors conduct training on interacting professionally with developers, project managers, etc.
  • The integrity of our company: We pride ourselves on adhering to the terms of the contract, particularly in the financial sphere, which ensures transparent and long-term cooperation. We are ready to take on projects of varying complexity and duration, as we value your trust.
  • Ensuring continuity of work: We can quickly provide a permanent or temporary replacement of the tester in case of unforeseen situations. If the tester suddenly leaves the team, we can completely replace him. Suppose he gets sick or, under other circumstances, cannot work for a certain period. In that case, the new tester will do all the necessary work with the test documentation to avoid delaying the entire team.

We want to emphasize that our company values mutually beneficial relationships, an open approach, and high quality. These values form the foundation that transforms Luxe Quality into a dependable partner in software testing. Discover more about our expertise and services on our website –


This article considered the critical aspects of evaluating software testing companies’ work quality. We hope this information was interesting and valuable for you and you can use the acquired knowledge in practical activities.

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