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How to Find People on Discord

Discord is a social media application or website that helps people communicate. While it began as a platform for gamers to talk via voice and text, now it’s useful for creating entire communities of people. In fact, many Discord servers are home to hundreds of members. Unfortunately, when you don’t know how to find the right Discord server, it’s difficult to connect with people and use the application.

The good news is that we’re here to help. We’ll take you through everything you need to know about Discord and how to find people who use it.

What Is Discord?

Discord has been around for years and in its earliest iteration it was a platform for gamers to speak with one another. While it used to be for people who play video games, it has evolved into a platform for friends, family, and co-workers to communicate.

People also have Discord servers that contain dozens of members, and you can communicate all at once in threads. Every Discord server has unique rules that are created and enforced by moderators or the owner of the platform. Additionally, the owner of a Discord server may not let you in if the server is private.

When you want to join a Discord server or connect with someone, you’ll need their username.

What Is a Discord Username?

Discord usernames can be someone’s name, a nickname, or something completely random. One thing all usernames have in common, though, is that they have an ID tag.

The ID tag is a number that’s given to a username, especially if there are a lot of duplicate accounts. For example, there can be several Jane Does on Discord, but each account will have a unique number attached to the end of the username. An example of a Discord username JaneDoe#1234. The first part is the person’s name, and the numbers are the ID tag.

If you want to find someone on Discord, you’ll need this username or, at the minimum, their full name.

5 Ways to Find Someone on Discord

Discord isn’t a platform that’s strict with privacy, but people still have unique usernames. These usernames make it difficult to find someone when you don’t know what it is. To help you narrow down your search we list the fastest methods to find someone on Discord below.

1. Look for Their Username on Discord

Discord has a search function. Using this search function will help you find someone you’re looking for.

To find someone with their username on Discord, you just have to enter it into the search bar. Then, run the search. Once you finish the search you can send a connection request.

People on Discord may accept your connection request or deny it, so keep this in mind when looking for users. You’ll also alert the user that you’re looking for them, so it won’t be anonymous.

2. Run a People Search

When you don’t have someone’s username there are only a few ways that will help you find someone on Discord quickly. The best method is to use a people search engine and is always the best choice.

It’s the easiest to use and the people search allows you to search for someone using their name, email, address, or phone number. Having access to other information like the city they are from is also helpful. Once you use the people search tool you can open the full report of the person you’re searching for to find everything you need to know about them.

You’ll find their Discord username and other information that includes the following:

● Social media accounts
● Full name
● Addresses
● Email addresses
● Phone numbers
● Other public records

Depending on the person, you may find some information or very little. Ultimately, it depends on their online presence and the websites they use.

3. Run a Nearby Scan

Discord has a feature that helps you connect with users who are in your area. It’s a nearby scan function that’s perfect for work events or parties. Many companies will use this feature to help coworkers connect.

There are a few steps you need to follow to run a nearby scan. These are listed below.

1. Make sure you’re within a 30-foot radius of the person you want to connect with and on the same WiFi or Bluetooth network.
2. Visit your friend list and then select “add friend.”
3. Click the “Nearby Scan” option.
4. Turn on your device’s location permissions.
5. Have the other people at the event or within your area repeat steps 1-4.
6. Wait for their username to appear in the search results.
7. Send the connection request and have them accept it.

Following these steps will help you connect with anyone nearby who’s also following the same steps. We recommend this option for work parties and other events like gaming conventions.

4. Add Friends on Discord Through Your Contacts

One of the best ways to add people on Discord is to connect your contacts. Connecting your contacts is one of the simplest ways to find someone on Discord but it only works if you have them stored as a contact in your phone.

We have a few steps for you to follow below that will speed up this process.

1. Go to the “Friends” tab in the Discord application.
2. Once you open the “Friends” tab it will ask you to sync your contacts.
3. Select “Get started.”
4. Verify your phone number.
5. Enter the verification code sent to your phone number.
6. Allow Discord to access your contacts.

There is also an option that allows you to have your contacts add you. Enabling this feature makes it easier for other people to find you on Discord.

5. Check Their Social Media Accounts

Social Media accounts are often connected. For example, people will often provide links to their other social media accounts. This is important because many people will have a link to their Discord server or username on their social media accounts.

For this to work, you’ll have to know the person’s name or social media accounts. Furthermore, they’ll have to have their Discord username or link listed for you to find it.

If the link or username is not listed, you can reach out to them and ask them via direct messages.

Find Someone on Discord Today

Discord is one of the best websites for communication. What started as a small website for gamers to communicate has turned into something far greater. It connects entire communities of like-minded individuals, and many companies are adopting Discord as a platform for workers to collaborate on projects – similar to Slack or Asana.

When you need to find someone on Discord make sure you try to find their username first because it will also get you results quickly. If you can’t find their username, you can then use a people search engine like to find them by using their name, email, or phone number.

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