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How to Make Snapchat Look a Lot Better On iOS and Android

Thanks to a very simple setting, you can make Snapchat look a lot cooler on iOS and Android. It’s called dark mode and setting that up is easier than you think. WANT editor Dennis Mons explains exactly how!

Many people like dark mode. Gives an app a black background, with white or clear coloured letters. It might take a while, but even Snapchat has that capability now. You can easily set it up this way.

Better for your battery

Provided; Apart from the fact that your apps look sleeker, it also saves you a lot of consumption. Your phone no longer needs to produce so much light. In addition, you don’t feel like your eyeballs are being attacked by the sun if you want to check DMs before you go to sleep.

Dark mode has been an option in many apps for years, but it took a while with Snapchat. Now it’s finally here!

With a dark mode (Image: Moran)

Snapchat on iOS vs Snapchat on Android

There’s a little hitch: dark mode is only available on iOS/iPhone. But for Android users; no worries. We’ll come back to that.

How do you set up dark mode for Snapchat on iOS?

  • Go to your Snapchat app
  • Click on your Bitmoji, top left
  • Click on the settings wheel at the top right
  • Go to App Appearance
  • Choose Always Dark

That is him!

But how on Android?

That’s a bit more complicated. The Android version of Snapchat does not yet have a dark mode. And you can still use it. (And the way can vary by Android device.)

  • Open  Settings
  • Go to About phone
  • Scroll down until you find the Build number
  • Press that seven times to get into Developer Mode
  • A text will appear to inform you that you are now a developer
  • Go back to the  Settings and choose Developer options
  • In this menu, you should find Force-Dark Suppress, and enable that option.

Snapchat on your smartphone. (Image: ANP / Sascha Steinbach)

It has a ‘disadvantage’. All apps are now displayed in dark mode. We like that very much, but we can imagine that not everyone is a fan.

These settings above do not mean that they will always work. New versions of Snapchat, in particular, don’t even support that developer option. So if you really really want dark mode in Snapchat, you really need to download an older version via an older .apk file. You can read how to install it in our article below.

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