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iFunTV: Honest review by Expert

The iFuntv, as the name suggests, is a TV broadcast service that originated from Chinese companies for Chinese people living abroad, facilitating them to enjoy Chinese TV shows over the internet similar to other platforms, i.e., Netflix, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime. The iFunTV web offers its viewers a variety of entertainment shows, reality shows, dramas, movies, action, films, short stories, and video content from the versatile Chinese content creator community.

It was a great online video content platform for the Chinese global community. The iFuntv service started in 2019 with the Domain name The management of iFunTV launched a cross-platform web application version such as the iFuntv android app, iFunTv iOS app, and desktop version for its broader community. This article will cover the details about the iFuntv apk and the history that iFun TV created for the Chinese community worldwide.

What is iFunTV?

The iFunTV, an Internet company, was founded by overseas Chinese and served overseas Chinese,

The iFun TV is so immense that it’s available on all platforms and works pretty well across Windows Desktops, iOS, MACs, and Android smartphone operating systems. The interface design is friendly, handy, and easy to use. Uses many of the latest cutting-edge technologies to provide users with a high-definition and smooth video experience; a large video library with a capacity of up to 2PB, covering 15,000+ domestic movies, European and American blockbusters, popular TV dramas, popular variety shows, new animations, etc. Professional update team 7 *24 hours of uninterrupted work to ensure the timeliest updates of the entire network.

Transitions in the iFun TV app

As a leader in the overseas video industry, it will be committed to actively establishing industry standards and leading the video industry pattern and the general pattern of the Omni-media era.

There are many transitions in famous Chinese web TV platforms. Lately, the iFunTV web platform was discontinued, and their website displayed a message “This site is Closed” static page. Afterward, the replaced the iFun TV app with similar content availability. The is a fully working platform for the Chinese community worldwide.

What iFunTv / iyf.TV Offers?

Like other online video content platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Disney, and Chrome Cast, the iFunTV / iyf.TV is an online Chinese video content web application for people of china for Chinese people living in the US, Europe, or the middle east. You can watch diverse content on the iFunTV app, from Latest Chinese Movies, TV Dramas, Variety Shows, Cartoons, News, Entertainment, Life, Fashion Shows, and Technology shows directly in the Chinese language.

You can watch free content on iyfTv and buy a premium subscription to bypass the limits. In the free version, you will see video advertisements after 15 to 20 minutes of watching, and you cannot skip the ads.

While after getting a premium subscription, you can go beyond the limits and watch high-quality picture quality and have an ads-free movie-watching experience. Moreover, you can also unlock prime-time shows with high ratings. VIP subscribers can download online episodes through mobile apps and computer clients and enjoy high-definition movies without a network. Check it out below and enjoy the fast download. You can get the iyf.TV from app download or iFuntv app download option from their official website.

Difference Between Free and VIP users of iyf/ iFunTV

You can enjoy watching Chinese content on multiple devices. They are available on all platforms, including Windows, MAC, Android, and iOS. You can download the iyf.TV app for both Android and iOS from the official website. Moreover, you can also download iFunTv / iyfTV standalone Web application client to bypass the internet browser limits.

iFunTV Features for Free Users:

  • You can watch unlimited online Chinese movies and News
  • You can watch a variety of online TV dramas and prime video free
  • You can add items to your wish list and watch them later
  • Video quality is limited to 480p resolution
  • Ads are displayed after 15 to 20 minutes of watch time, and you cannot skip
  • You cannot download videos to watch them offline

If.TV / iFunTV VIP Features:

  • You can set video quality up to 4k for available video content
  • Downloaded the online Shows to watch them offline
  • Ask for specific videos
  • Search videos
  • Disguise your identity
  • Filter ads and skip them on the move
  • Ultra HD video quality
  • It’s affordable at only 15€/ Month
  • Rate the program according to your opinions

Top 5 iFunTV alternative

The iFunTv, however, is an excellent service for chines people for their fellows worldwide. But, due to some reason, their site is down with the disturbance in services. But you don’t have to worry about it, our technical team has researched and found the best alternative for the iFunTV app for you. Below is the detailed research and offers these alternatives offer on their platforms.

FTV Media Network

The iFunTV being a paid subscription platform, could be a brainer for some users. There come to its best iFunTV alternate options. The FTV media network provides an online streaming service for their Shows and complete Television experience. Moreover, you can read News and short stories on their official website in the chines language. It’s an actual TV network with an online streaming option. You can only watch their shows but are unable to download and save for offline.

Bedtime TV

The Beijing Time website and the news client (APP) were established on April 12, 2016, under the guidance of the Propaganda Department of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China. They are one of the Beijing-level financial media platforms and the new media of Beijing Radio and Television Station. The only export of video business authorized to operate and maintain Beijing Internet Radio and Television Station. The Beijing Time website and APP are operated by Beijing Time Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing New Media (Group) Co., Ltd., affiliated with Beijing Radio and Television Station and has a current first-class affairs news qualification. TV, radio, and new media integrated editing and new formats of integrated communication. Beijing New Media (Group) Co., Ltd. is jointly invested by Beijing Radio and Television Station and Beijing Cultural Investment Development Group Co., Ltd.

iyfTV app download homepage

iFunTv and iyf.TV is identical to each other. The iyftv has similar facilitations on their platform, just like iFunTV provided in the past. It has a variety of chines movies, Dramas, Technology videos, News and current affairs videos, Entertainment, Fashion News, Chines Celebrity Gossip, and a movie-on-demand facility. You can buy a subscription online, install the iyfTV app on your Desktop, Android, and iOS device, and enjoy the Chinese language shows natively on the Chinese platform.

Duonaovod TV: iFun TV Alternatives

The Duonaovod TV is another suitable option where you can watch online chines cartoons, Movies, Native reality shows, Netflix trending shows, On-demand movies, and much more. The Duonaovod TV is the best alternative to iFunTv these days and works like a charm. You can directly visit their official website Moreover, simplified the interface to quickly navigate various options where you can watch cartoons, Leaderboards, Shows, and online TVs. It has a Live TV option where you can watch CHC HD Movies, FOX Sports, Guangdong Satellite TV, and Liaoning Satellite TV.

CCTV Media Network

CCTV Chinese media network
CCTV media network – An alternative of iFunTV

The CCTV Media Network is the most prominent Chinese media network that has a wide range of channels with different categories. It expands its services from News to other electronic visual services like TV shows and Hosting governmental programs. It is the national TV of china that covers News all around china and worldwide. You can watch CCTV channels directly from their official website. CCTV media network is brilliantly spreading the Chinese culture and civilization with charm. It is available on Android, iPad, iPhone, and Android TV platforms. The CCTV channels are diverse and make it the best alternative for iFunTv and other competitors in the industry.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions about iFunTV

Does iFUN TV work offline?

No, the iFunTv is an internet base TV network that only works online. However, you can download TV shows to watch them later offline.

Is iFunTV available in other languages?

It is a Chinese-based online platform that only provides content in Chinese.

Is The iFunTV the only option for Chinese abroad to watch content in their native language?

We have already narrated the best alternative to iFun TV, which offers Chinese content. CCTV media network proves itself the best alternative. Moreover, iyf. Tv is a hundred percent clone version of iFunTV.

Is the iFunTV app available on the Play Store?

You can download the iFunTV apk from third-party android app stores. It was available on PlayStore and the iOS Appstore sometimes in the past, but later it became unavailable.

Final Thoughts

Well, it’s pretty much everything our technical team has shared about iFunTV reviews. However, it was the best online Chinese TV service in the past few days. But with time, many key players have played well in the industry. The iyfTv app is handy and easy to use. You can download cross-platform iyf Tv apps directly from their website and enjoy Native Chinese TV shows on the move.

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