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In-Stream Video Ads: commercials that people actually watch

In-stream ads are advertising that is displayed together with other Internet content. While in-stream ads were originally used only in connection with video-based content, this form of advertising is now also used together with social media, mobile apps, or computer games.

Types of video in-stream ads

In-stream video ads are commercials that are displayed before, during, or after online videos. There are different types of video in-stream ads:

  • Pre-roll ads bear a strong resemblance to TV commercials. They delay the start of a video or interrupt it and usually last 15 to 30 seconds and can be skipped at certain lengths.
  • Video slider ads are a minimized version of the video that is playing while the user is browsing the page.
  • Native roll ads are seamlessly embedded into the site and look like are part of its actual content. These ads are often text-based, and at the first glance do not differ from the posts of other users.
  • Motion banner ads are animated advertisements that play before the video starts and can be skipped only after 5 seconds. This type can also contain a short description and call to action.

Advantages of in-stream ads

Since in-stream video ads on YouTube look less like ads compared to the classic banner, they draw attention very easily. This is especially true for younger users, who hardly pay attention to conventional banner ads anymore. Attention is also increased by the fact that the ads do not overlap with the original video content.

In-stream ads also offer advantages for content providers, because they earn more from this form of advertising than from other types. There are also advantages in the duration of in-stream ads. While classic TV advertising often meets with rejection from viewers due to its duration and frequency, in-stream ads are generally accepted more quickly by users. The acceptance of in-stream ads is also increased by the fact that many consumers see them as a form of payment for the free video.

What do advertisers need to consider with in-stream ads?

Compared to TV advertising, where the offer often appears towards the end of the video, in-stream videos should provide it early on to capture the attention of the user. The videos can be skipped after just 5 seconds, for this reason, the viewer needs to be shown the main message of the video in the first 5 seconds. Even though an in-stream video on YouTube, for example, can be up to 180 seconds long, it is not advisable to use the full length. Experience shows that a maximum of 30 seconds is enough to be successful.

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