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Indian COVID-19 Crisis and the Impact on Logistics

For a country as big as India with a huge population, it needs an effective logistics system to heavily rely on. Without a stable and running logistics facility, logistics software, and infrastructure, businesses in India will not stand a chance in satisfying its nationwide demand for products and supplies.

A crippled logistics system has been a long-feared incident and with the unfortunate event of Covid—19, this fear has turned into a reality. The Covid-19 has hit the whale world off-guard and India is no exception. No economy was prepared for such a disaster. The whole world took a great blow and so did India.

The first blow of Covid-19 on India

The first blow was devastating but India did somehow manage to hold on. But as awareness rose and countries all over the world closed their border for public safety, things took a bad turn. With all foreign trade shut off, there was no need for workers in those departments. Thus, the unemployment rating skyrocketed.

This created massive stress in the economy of India. Moreover, many states of India decided to deny access to outsiders, including transport and logistic facilities. This created a big problem for India. Businesses may conduct their operation online but there was no way of getting those products to the customers and thus businesses were facing losses.

The Crisis

When things got serious, India implemented total lockdown and hence everything was shut off. Goods and products were locked in the warehouses, Trucks and transport facilities stood still. It was a complete nightmare for the logistic industry.

Things were turning out to the bright side at the end of 2020. The spread of the virus and death rate was dropping and everything was starting to open up. The lockdown was canceled and the economy was moving again, so did the logistic industry. But the logistics industry was under heavy pressure and a tight schedule as lots of pending packages are waiting in the warehouses.

Just when things were getting better, the second wave of Covid struck the world and India has reportedly taken the worst of it.

This time India had a brand-new variant of Covid-19 on its border. It was deadly and the recovery rate from this was not in good odds. The hospital beds in the country are full. What’s worse is there was a lack of Oxygen for the patients. Without Oxygen, patients start dying and India witnessed a new dark part written in their history.

What can the Indian logistic industry expect in the future?

With all things aside, the Indian logistic industry will surely face many troubles in the future. Firstly, they will face a big load of pending deliveries and shipments that got stuck for the lockdown.

Secondly, they will face a lack of manpower. With the lockdown on the action, companies had to fire off a large proportion of tier industry to keep it sustainable. But when things go back to normal, they will find a heavy load of work with fewer men to carry.

Finally, they can expect some government reforms to jump-start their progress. They should carefully utilize these resources on their logistic software, structure, and management.


It is no surprise that the Covid-19 pandemic has hit India badly. Everyone has suffered from it. The wise thing to do now is to plan a better strategy for surviving these odds in the future.

Shehbaz Malik
Shehbaz Malik
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