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Intranet Software Solutions for Small Businesses: How They Help Flourish

In the last few years, the way businesses operate has changed a lot. Remote working is a widely popular trend nowadays. Every organization, whether big or small, is making efforts to change accordingly. Although the method offers flexibility to employers and employees, it leads to challenges like communication and information-sharing among remote workers.

An effective, reliable solution to the problem is intranet software solutions. These are private networks that bring people sitting miles away from each other on a common platform to communicate, share knowledge, and collaborate to achieve common organizational goals.

Intranet and Business: The Link

Unlike the Internet, an intranet platform such as Eckstrom Consulting connects people within an organization to share/find information internally. Today, when businesses are going global to taste success internationally, intranets work as cloud-based platforms that only authorized members of an organization can access to communicate with their colleagues miles away and collaborate in real-time.

Intranet, which started as a mode of communication for the management, has evolved to become a platform that people across an organization can use to simplify their work and promote a healthy workplace culture.

How Intranet Software Solutions Help Small Businesses

Earlier, an intranet was a luxury that only large organizations could afford. Today, it is a platform that all types of companies can customize to make it fit their needs. Here is how small businesses can be benefited from social intranet software:

  • Enhanced Internal Communication

In the presence of an effective intranet solution, a company doesn’t need to rely on multiple applications and software to develop a channel for uninterrupted communication. Employees can use an intranet to talk to their colleagues, irrespective of their locations. They get a secure line of communication that can be accessed 24/7.

  • Real-time Collaboration

One of the most useful features of an intranet is real-time collaboration for projects. Employees can share information and work on the same documents in real-time, while staying miles away from each other. In addition, they can see changes made by others in a document.

Real-time connectivity and collaboration allow managers to track progress and give feedback to their teammates.

  • Document Management and Sharing

A common problem that all remote employees face is the lack of information. Social intranet platforms resolve the issue by providing users with a centralized platform to save their files and use documents shared by others for information. In addition, they can use these files to work on them. Changes made by them are saved over a cloud, and others are able to see them in real-time.

Also, authorized members of an organization can send/receive files over an intranet network to get the required information to do their tasks.

  • Efficient Project Management

In addition to enhancing internal communication and real-time information-sharing, an intranet platform helps manage projects. From scheduling a project to assigning tasks and tracking progress, managers can perform multiple tasks over the platform. Also, they can use the network to offer feedback to remote employees.

  • Online Meetings

Honestly, meetings are time-consuming. But, they are also an integral part of an organization to ensure smooth workflow and progress. Attending meetings weekly or even monthly isn’t possible for remote employees. An intranet solution takes meetings over an online place. Using the platform, remote employees can attend meetings.


Intranet software solutions are powerful tools that enable small businesses to expand their services globally and collaborate with remote employees. Also, the platform powers internal communication and improves productivity by eliminating time in searching for information. Choose a good intranet and grow your business!

Shehbaz Malik
Shehbaz Malik
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