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iOS 15 May not be Available for iPhone 6S, 6S Plus and iPhone SE 2016

Apple the Cupertino company operating from California always supports its products with the latest software updates. In the same way, the Androids stuck with their preinstalled software. Many Android makers such as Samsung, Huawei, and OnePlus have promised their android users for 2 years of Android software updates. But in the case of Apple, the updates relationship is long-lasting. The iPhone 6S launched in 2015 is running on latest iOS 14.2, while 2015 Samsung Galaxy S6 stuck at Android 8.0 Oreo. Well, hardware specifications, heavy software features, and older electronics create a block in iOS updates.

As per The Verifier, Apple is planning to drop the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, and iPhone SE 1st gen for future iOS software updates. It seems technically true as iPhone SE 2nd generation has the same form factor as iPhone 6S with upgraded internals from 2019 iPhone 11.

iPhone 6S and iPhone SE will not get iOS 15

However, The Verifier skipped mentioning the iPhone 6S lineup and iPhone SE 2016 on their website. You shouldn’t be surprised by Apple decision as 5 years almost have been passed with this outdated hardware. It is foolish to update the older architecture with heavy updated software. As you installed windows 10 on intel Pentium 4. Moreover, when the new operating system will be released next year, that means that there will be a difference of six years. Then of course the question is for how many consumers you do that and how difficult it is to get everything running on the old hardware.

iOS 15 Upgradable iPhones List

You are lucky you are holding the following Apple devices in your hands ready for iOS 15 next year.
• The iPhone that will be released in 2021
• iPhone 12 Pro Max
• iPhone 12 Pro
• iPhone 12 mini
• iPhone 12
• iPhone 11
• iPhone 11 Pro
• iPhone 11 Pro Max
• iPhone XS
• iPhone XS Max
• iPhone XR
• iPhone X
• iPhone 8
• iPhone 8 Plus
• iPhone 7
• iPhone 7 Plus
• iPhone SE (second generation)
• iPod touch (seventh generation)
Time for the museum
Well, iPhone 5S are still usable in 2020 but they should rest in the museum now. We do not recommend buying older iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus because you have better options available in term of iPhone 12 mini.

Source: The Verifier

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