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JoinPD: Everything You Need to Know About

Your presence here shows that you are probably looking for solid information about JoinPD by Pear Deck. Well, the JoinPD is a platform where you can access the learning material and presentation uploaded by your teachers or join online learning sessions on the Pear Deck. USA-based online tool developed in 2014 by Pear Deck company provide an effective online learning solution for the teachers and their students aroung the world.

This platform enables teachers around the globe to convert their presentations and lessons interactively so that their students can learn quickly. JoinPD is a versatile tool that empowers teachers. Its pre-built templates are easy and handy for the teachers to easily create the learning material so they can help their students.

Many universities and colleges are offering interactive Online Learning Management Systems for their enrolled students. However, those Online LMS are limited to specific university or college students. Meanwhile, Pear Deck is a versatile online service that provides accessibility to all teachers around the globe to create their presentation libraries and unique identity codes for each student. Their student can access and sign up on the JoidPD with a unique ID provided by their respective teacher.

Like online businesses, Online learning experienced a giant leap forward during the COVID-19 lookdowns. When everyone was stuck in their homes, the Pear deck proved itself an excellent choice for educators to adopt distance learning techniques.

Precisely, is interactively helping educators and knowledge seekers. So, you wanted to be a part of it? Below are the simple ways to use and become productive.

The Application of Pear Deck and in Online Learning

At Pear Deck, you, as a teacher can create interactive presentations of your input data, start an online learning session, or an online test paper that may include short questions and MCQs.

You can access the vast database of prebuilt presentation templates, interactive designs, testing templates for creating multiple choice questions (MCQs) for e-testing, and even block / scientific diagrams that you can use while preparing lessons for your students. Text-based input prompts to choose from are mainly used for presentations. There are a variety of templates provided to users for assistance. These also include text-based prompts, multiple-choice questions (MCQs), and even diagrams.

You can create an online presence with your favorite tools integrated into the pear deck. You can choose Microsoft Presentation and Google Slides to create presentable lessons for your students online. Your students can remotely access those lessons on their desktops with their unique IDs or direct links to the presentation straight to their homes. The students can participate directly in online classes hosted on JoinPD. Teachers can take live testing and can start question and answering sessions.

JoinPD by Pear Deck UI

The features provided at Pear Deck and JoinPD are phenomenal. Instructors can create individual IDs for students. These IDs are case-sensitive and secure. You can allow contents selectively to each student to which access is authorized. The different IDs are generated against different presentations. You can share specific presentation IDs with your students that particularly you want to give them access to. The teachers can quickly sign-up with Google and Microsoft accounts because the login APIs are integrated into the platform for better accessibility.

The JoinPD com website user interface is pleasant and interactive, so your students will not get bored or exhausted. The navigation menu is provided for better accessibility of the contents. The color scheme is eye pleasing so you won’t get bored after a while.

The navigation is fluent and handy to find the lessons’ location quickly. You can browse the categories of the subjects from the syllabus.

Particular emphasis is given to the property to engage the audience. Similarly, You can decorate your lessons with cartoons and demographics. Multiple famous characters are provided to make your lessons engaging. The overall layout is eye-pleasing for the students and the people accessing the JoinPD platform. Your students will enjoy the presentations.

Top Six Key Features of JoinPD

You can be hands-on with various features designed to cater to the diverse needs of educators. Below, you can read more details.

Interactive Learning Modules

JoinPD offers interactive modules that engage educators and their students in hands-on learning experiences. These modules cover a wide range of topics: technology integration, training, classroom management, and assessment strategies. The modules are thoughtfully crafted to ensure educators can apply what they learn directly to their teaching practice.

Collaborative Communities

The platform facilitates collaboration among educators by fostering a vibrant community. Educators can connect with peers, share insights, and exchange best practices. The sense of community creates a supportive network that encourages professional growth and provides a platform for collaboration and idea-sharing.

On-Demand Webinars and Workshops

It offers on-demand webinars and workshops conducted by renowned experts in the field of education. The flexibility of on-demand sessions ensures that educators can participate at their convenience.

Resource Library possesses a vast resource library containing a wealth of educational materials, such as lesson plans, teaching strategies, assessment tools, and research articles. As an Educator, you can get valuable resources on JoinPD that can enhance productivity, thus making you a more skilled teacher. The JoinPD administrators constantly upgrade these resources so you can get the most out of them.

Customized Learning Paths

joinPD understands that educators have diverse needs and goals. To cater to these individual preferences, joinPD offers customized learning paths. Educators can personalize their professional development journey by selecting modules and workshops aligning with their specific interests and expertise.

Progress Tracking and Certifications

JoinPD enables educators to track their progress and monitord growth. Educators who complete modules and workshops earn digital badges and certificates, validating their professional development achievements. These certifications can be valuable for career advancement and demonstrate a commitment to continuous learning.

How do you create a lesson on Pear Deck? For Teachers

The Pear Deck UI is self-explanatory. Suppose you want a Pear Deck to create a presentation library that your students can access later on the JoinPD website. You have all the necessary learning material and checklist items that you want to place in your lesson. Finally, you are ready to move on. Below are the step-by-step guidelines for creating a lesson on the Pear Deck platform.

  • Open your web browser and Go to Pear Deck’s official website
  • Create an account by logging in with a Gmail or a Microsoft account
  • Enter your school details
  • Permit personal data on your Gmail or Microsoft account
  • Navigate and Choose “Create New Lesson.” You’ll be redirected to the Google Slides page
  • You shall access the multiple prebuild template where you can choose your desired one
  • Once you finished creating a presentation, click on Present with Pear Deck
  • Copy the link of your created lesson and share it with students

How Students can access the Presentation on Pear Deck?

If you are a teacher or an instructor, you can skip this heading. It is particularly for the students how to start JoinPD. it is a pathway to access presentations and lessons. Pear Deck is basically you can say a lesson-uploading platform. And the JoinPD, the name suggest, Join Pear Deck, is a separate platform that is designed for the students to view the lessons. Many of you will be confused about Pear Deck and JoinPD but these are two different websites having different URLs.

You being a student need to possess a five-digit unique ID code or LINK provided by your teacher to access the particular lesson. Being a student you can follow the instructions enlisted below to access JoinPD, it is recommended to check them to access the lessons:

  • Go to Pear Deck’s official website or
  • Create an account with Gmail or Microsoft account
  • Choose the option “Student”
  • Paste the ID code in the blank field and you are IN

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the JoinPD website or Pear Deck platform is an excellent way to educate people. It is a versatile kind of online learning management system for the teacher and their students where they can interact with each other in an organized manner. It’s a free online learning management system that offers its users broader options free of cost. However, you can purchase pear deck premium plans to explore additional pro features. Anyhow, the free version provides a sufficient set of features for students. Overall Pear Deck is a great and handy choice you can utilize for teaching online.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pear Deck and JoinPD Platform

What is JoinPD?

JoinPD is an online learning platform developed by Pear Deck for students to watch online lessons and presentations created by their school teachers. Join PD is a kind of front-end presenter for students which displays education-related content conveyed by the educators.

Is JoinPD a free platform?

Yes, it’s a free platform for students where they can learn free of cost without paying a penny. They can participate in online quiz tests and exams prepared by their teachers.

Can educators earn certifications through JoinPD?

Absolutely! JoinPD offers digital badges and certificates upon completion of modules and workshops. These certifications serve as tangible proof of professional development accomplishments and can enhance educators’ resumes and career prospects.

Is Pear Deck available for free?

Yes, the Pear Deck is a free platform for teachers and they can join it with their Google or Microsoft accounts and start preparing lessons with the help of Google Slides and Microsoft presentations. However, pear deck offers a pro version with extra features such as an online classroom etc.

Is joinPD by Peer Deck an E-learning module?

Yes, JoinPD is an online E-learning platform specially designed for remote educational experiences. The teachers can upload their lessons and share the links and direct accessible URLs to their students for better workflow.

Is JoinPD available for everyone?

Yes, anyone can create a profile on JoinPD and it can be accessed easily on any web browser. There are no age limitations to join the platform.

Is JoinPD suitable for educators of all grade levels?

Yes, JoinPD caters to educators across all grade levels, from early childhood to higher education. The platform offers a diverse range of resources and opportunities that can be customized to meet the unique needs of educators in different educational settings.

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