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Luxe Chic Bathroom Decor –4 Tips to Add Luxurious Touch to Your Bathroom

When you are planning the home interior, the word “luxury” surely has come to your mind once or twice. But when you think of luxury, you surely think of your budget too. After all, anything luxe can never come cheap. This is where most of the homeowners go wrong. Why? Well, adding a luxurious touch to your home décor or interior is not always about investing in expensive fixtures. It is invoking that look and vibe which will speak of luxury even if you are using inexpensive things to create the design.
So, when you are planning the interior of your bathroom, adding a luxurious touch won’t be difficult for you if you are planning it right. You don’t need to splurge on highly expensive designer stuff. You don’t need to think of hiring high profile designers. All you have to do is get your hands on the right things. So, how can you create such a luxe bathroom within your budget in your home? Take a look at the following points to inspire your creativity.

Choose the Right Color Palette

When you are creating a luxurious look for your bathroom, it is necessary that you think of choosing the right color palette in the first place. For a luxurious place, the color should be rich. So for a bathroom like that, go for rich hues like blue, shiny brown or dark grey. The essence of luxury is a bit masculine too. So, don’t shy away from these rich colors. If you are not that bold in terms of choosing the color, go for the safest option, white. White can actually offer you a tremendous amount of possibilities when it comes to choosing the accessories and fixtures of the bathroom.

Go RTA instead of Stock

Thanks to the flexibility that modern designs have to offer, you don’t need to limit yourself in stock cabinets anymore. You can think beyond the mainstream designs and order something that will offer you more flexibility as well as a better fit for your requirements and that too without burning a hole in your purse. Order RTA cabinet for your bathroom vanity. They will come in small boxes and will make the right storage place in your bathroom without draining your purse. And with these, you don’t have to compromise with the design and the look either.

Invoke Vintage Charm

For a luxurious bathroom, going vintage can be a good idea. From the hues to fixtures, choose the elegance of old-world charm over modern sleekness. When you are ordering modern bathroom vanities, go for engraved, bigger and stunning ones instead of the sleek floating counterparts. For other fixtures like showerheads, faucets and taps, choose copper or brass instead of steel. The glowing metal will add up to the luxurious appeal of the space. For the RTA cabinet wholesale you are ordering, choose similar pulls and handles too.

Bring In Glamour with Light

When you are dreaming of luxurious space, doesn’t the vision of an elaborate chandelier come in your mind? I am sure it does. In fact, for vintage appeal, such a centerpiece is necessary as the focal point or the statement in your bathroom. Remember choosing the right type of lights that will add to the luxe glamour of the space. So, if you are going for country vintage style, invest in one elaborate statement light. If you are taking the industrial route, go for steampunk retro appeal.
So, now as you know how your bathroom can speak of luxury, what are you waiting for? Go for discount bathroom vanities, the right fixture and lights and design the space like your dream.

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