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Picture This: The 5 Best Apps for Photographers

Smartphones have gotten so advanced that you can take professional-quality photographs on them. While nothing will replace your professional DSLR camera, cell phone companies are doing their best to try.

Carrying a bulky DSLR camera around all the time isn’t feasible, but just because you don’t have your good camera with you, that doesn’t mean you can’t take pro-quality photos. With a good cell phone camera and these apps for photographers, you can create high-quality photos right from your phone.

Check out our list of the photo editing apps you need to download today.

1. Pixlr

Pixlr allows you to edit your photos but the unique feature that it has is that you can use it to create photo montages. There are millions of different overlays, filters, and effects on the app. The app is intuitive and easy to use, and once you’ve completed your masterpiece, you can quickly and easily share it to your social media sites.

2. SnapSeed

SnapSeed has some simple, automatic editing tools that can do an overall edit on your photos. There are also more nuanced manual controls if you want to manually adjust brightness, contrast, color, etc.

It’s another easy-to-use and navigate app and also has a preview feature where you can see your image with and without your edits.

3. A+ Signature

If you have an Apple phone, the A+ Signature app gives you the capability to add your copyright information to your photos. They have unique watermarks and text that you can use to ensure that your photos aren’t used without your permission or without attribution.

There are plenty of other editing features available in this app too, so be sure to explore them all.

4. Camera+ 2

Camera+ 2 is not a free app, but it is worth the money. The first edition sold over 14 million copies and for good reason. The app allows you to take control over all of the different features of the app.

There are RAW controls, manual controls, editing tools, and much more. It’s easy to use and intuitive, so give it a shot.

5. The Photographer’s Ephemeris

Many experts agree that this app is the best for photo editing. It’s best for any type of photographer and whether you are taking pictures of landscapes, architecture, portraits, or you are an astrophotographer, it will work for you.

Using natural light, the app helps you plan your outdoor photoshoot and will also show you how the light falls on the land at any time across the world.

Bonus App: Pocket Light Meter

Pocket Light Meter is a quick and easy-to-use app that tells you how much light your subject has. It has a feature to tell you the Kelvin temperature, so you can work on your white balancing.

Set your ISO and then use the app to control your other settings depending on what type of shot you want.

You can check out app reviews of everything before you download and many of these allow you to try free versions before you take the plunge and spend the cash for the full version.

Must-Have Apps for Photographers

Whether you are a budding photographer or a seasoned professional photographer, these must-have apps for photographers should be on your phone. If you don’t already have them, get to downloading.

If you found this list useful, be sure to check out some of our other articles. From photography to lifestyle articles, we have something for everyone.

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