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Top 5 Most Reliable Plagiarism Checkers in 2021

Whether you are an online business owner, a writer or just a student, there are chances you will often have a problem with plagiarism.

Plagiarism is not just an issue, but it is considered a crime and everyone whose work is detected with plagiarism, they are punished according to the offence.

The websites whose content is plagiarized can suffer consequences from the search engines and all the plagiarized blogs or articles can ruin the reputation of your blog.

A student who is caught with plagiarism can be suspended from school and can have trouble in finding a new school.

The professionals in the academic industry can have their whole career ruined by getting caught with plagiarism.

There are some simple steps to prevent plagiarism, but the first step is doing a free plagiarism check.

There are a lot of plagiarism checkers online that you can use as a plagiarism scanner.
It is not just important to use a plagiarism checker, but it is more important to use a reliable one.

Your whole content and your website or career are going to be dependent on your plagiarism checker. Here are 5 top SEO tools that you can use to prevent plagiarism.

Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker

Prepostseo plagiarism checker has been ranked as a top content plagiarism checker for its exact services and popularity among the folks.

This tool lets you not only check the plagiarism in some plain text but a whole word document, a pdf file and even images.

If the final result that you received from your editor was an image and you are not sure whether there is plagiarized content on it or not, it is still not too late.  You don’t have to type out the whole text again in an attempt to check it.

You can simply upload the image on Prepostseo and it will check the image for any plagiarism on an online or an offline source easily.

It is not just fast, but free as well. You can generate complete reports before you send the content or submit it and attach it with your document.

This free plagiarism check tool helps you not just save money but time and efforts.
Add authenticity to your documents by getting them approved from a reliable plagiarism scanner.

best plagiarism checker
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The document created by Pre Post Seo includes any sources the content might be plagiarized from or it approves the content as plagiarism-free. Both the scenarios will depend on whether or not you have created a plagiarized content.


Plagiarism is an offence that cannot be forgiven. It is a crime, a fraud and is directly related to theft.

Whether you copied or tried to copy someone else’s work out of love and appreciation to them, it still does not make the content yours.

To detect any plagiarism in your content to avoid having any, this plagiarism scanner provides free plagiarism check.

This tool has a limit for 2000 words at a time when you are checking the plagiarism but it provides you with thorough and in-depth research.

source: Seoscrapers

You can rely on this free online tool when you want to check your text, URL or the whole website for any plagiarized content.

It is important for the people who had not checked their content for any plagiarism before to do it once they have launched their website.

There are a lot of people still unknown of the consequences and instead of having to check every piece of text by copy-pasting it, they can just check the whole document now.

Just paste the URL of your website and click the check website button to get started with the plagiarism checker.

Its education

This tool, as the name suggests, has been specially designed for educational purposes. It is more focused on the students than any other kind of content.

Their main motive is to help students find the plagiarism beforehand, so they don’t have to suffer from the consequences later.

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They don’t just check the websites for the plagiarism, but they check the offline sources as well to match your content to any other kind of content. It is the perfect tool for you if you are a student, teacher or are still into academic research.  Since it is an educational tool, this plagiarism scanner only allows you to check the text.

You can easily do a free plagiarism check on an essay or a paragraph consisting of 300 words or less.  If your document is longer than this, you can try searching over and overusing this tool.  This tool has been listed due to its dedication towards the educational sector and the thorough search that it provides. It is free for everyone and you can check thousands of words using this tool without spending a single penny. It is recommended to everyone from the educational sector.


Copyscape has been dedicated to checking webpages or websites for plagiarism. You just need to insert your link for the website and you will directly get a result for the plagiarism on that page or site.

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It will provide you in-depth result about the content unique on your page, plagiarized or the normal content. It will also give you a piece of information about the file sizes, the time consumed in loading the pages or external links that you have used per page.

The detailed research helps you understand your website better and make changes to it accordingly. It is not just a plagiarism scanner but a wholesome tool.

Plagiarism Checker X

This is a plagiarism scanner for your academic papers, your research papers or the normal blogs that you want to upload on your website.

plagiarism scanner for your academic papers

It is not dedicated to any specific field but provides services in every field making it useful for everyone.

It checks the whole files within a few seconds and gives you an accurate result that you can trust. The plagiarized content is highlighted and the websites or sources where they were copied from is provided as well. You can make changes to your whole content or just the parts which are plagiarized.

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