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Qureka Banner Review: An Innovation in the Marketing Industry

You can even sell soil-filled packets online or in the local market. But it depends upon your marketing skills and strategy. Marketing is a macro term that has many subsidiaries. It included elegant packaging, product layout, awareness campaigns, and offline and online advertisements. With the innovation in the digital marketing industry, the Qureka Banners scrambled for all the outage advertising formats with usability and interactivity features. Their existence is on the shore of the deep sea, and the Qureka Banners are ready for burial sooner or later. This article will try to answer all your queries about the Qureka Banner.

You all see ads everywhere, typically on our social media timelines, web pages, mobile applications, TVs, and even at the top of SERP. Generally, there are few ad formats that advertising agencies have adopted from decades since the beginning of the Internet marketing era. Initially, these formats were limited to Text ads, clickable links, and image banners in different resolutions and shapes.

Innovations occur, and you start seeing flyer ads, sliders, call-to-actions, CPA, affiliate banners, and more. Mostly, these ads are annoying and are losing their authenticity and impact on our lives. The revolutionary Qureka Banners ad format might be sustainable in the longer run due to its user’s direct engagement.

Qureka Banner History

The Qureka Banner’s history begins with the marketing industry’s innovation era. Marketing experts have been developing new advertising models for many years. Plenty of them struggled to get the job done but were not producing satisfactory outcomes. The major issues were the annoying ad popups, video overlays that covered the main content, and horrific sounds that shocked the viewers.

Boring text ads with no colors and static pictures were the only options to showcase advertisements. The creator’s community from Coolboots Media, established in 2016, offered an opportunity for advertisers in the shape of Qureka Banners that soon replaced the ad formats due to their interactive ability. They developed a user-friendly interface to showcase all-in-one advertisement solutions. Their prime focus is to empower businesses, financial independence, and application development for emerging businesses.

Facts About Qureka Banners

The Qureka banner offers an all-in-one solution for advertisers for better user engagement. The ads are showcased in question-answer formats so that the viewers enjoy the advertisements. You can play online games within the ads of Qureka and learn about the product and services’ useability. You can get satisfactory results in term of sales and your business promotions without worrying about user engagement because the Qureka banner manages itself. It is just like a game show in which you can offer prize money to the users and get them to pay attention to your product and services. You can do the job at a minimal cost despite relying on expensive advertising agency plans.

It is a cutting-edge advertising technology that aids businesses in return for huge sales. User interactivity is one of its core features that keeps the audience engaged in the ad and conveys the message despite boring them. The Qureka is helping many child businesses around the globe. Unlike traditional adverts, it creates fun for the users. The banners are designed in interactive ways that look pleasing on multiple displays, such as PCs and mobile devices.

Qureka Banner Designing

The Qureka banners are designed in a very planned manner. The ads are interactively injected into the content body. For example, you want to get visitors to your Indian web series download blog and plan to create social media adverts. You can create a question and answering session and put your adverts links into the questions so that with one click of a button while answering, you can redirect the user to your web series download website.

You can design adoptive multi-display dynamic banners, so you need not worry about the quality of your advertising campaign. Moreover, the Qureka advertising formats leave long-lasting, memorable impacts in the users’ minds that they have become your unique visitors. Undoubtedly, your business services are outstanding and competitive, but without a proper advertising strategy, you cannot get the peaks in the sales graph. Designing Qureka adverts is an easy step that does not need complex software development methodologies.

How to Create a Qureka Banner?

The working principle is easy to understand and does not need software or application development skills but a familiar sense of executing things. However, it involves multi-layer development that may require graphic designing and similar skills. Below are a few steps on how to create Qureka banner.

 Creation: The Birth of Interactive Ads

Initially, The Birth of Interactive ads was only possible with high web development skills, but with the evolution of technology, it has become easier to create ad formats on the go. Web-based applications BannerwiseGoogle Web Designer, and Canva simplify the execution. Creating one involves selecting the type of game or quiz, formulating intriguing questions, and meticulously designing the user interface.

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