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Seamless Transition of Business To BigCommerce

In the world of ecommerce BigCommerce is a well-known platform for growth. There are many features that it offers and that’s the reason many companies want to transition their platform to BigCommerce. In this blog we will explore the important topics related to Seamless transition of business from other platforms to BigCommerce. As an industry leading ecommerce solution BigCommerce has an easy transition process but still not known to many, so it will be informed to all in this blog.

Reasons to Migrate to BigCommerce Platform

In the constantly changing landscape of E Commerce businesses are seeking for platforms that can align with their growth objective. BigCommerce is a strong ecommerce solution that has been a leading choice for online retailers for a long-period of time. It has shown a revenue growing in the EMEA region at the rate of 67.7%and 52% in the APAC region. The following are the reasons why companies are choosing to migrate to big commerce platform:

  • Performance: BigCommerce web development has advanced tools and features that enhance the overall website performance. It optimizes the loading speed, handles inventory efficiently, prioritizes user experience and satisfaction which leads to higher conversion rates.
  • Scalability: One of the primary features of big commerce is scalability. Businesses that are experiencing rapid growth require a platform that can seamlessly adapt to the increasing demands and the trends of the industry. BigCommerce’s scalable architecture ensures that the businesses can expand to their fullest limit while the platform efficiently handles the increased traffic and the transaction volume.
  • Strong Security: E-commerce platforms are prone to cyber threats and businesses need a platform that can secure their transactions. BigCommerce prioritizes security and provides an environment for both business and customer to carry their online transactions. With regular updates in the security measures BigCommerce safeguards the sensitive data related to users and the company to instill trust and confidence among them.
  • Easy migration process: Migrating from one platform to other can be a daunting process but BigCommerce simplifies this process.It has a user friendly interface and dedicated support system that makes transition smooth process. Whether you are currently on another platform or considering a first time launch BigCommerce migration system ensures that your migration process is minimal and disruption free.

Migration Process to BigCommerce Platform

According to BigCommerce in 2023 there was a 27% increase in stores on that platform. Migration process involves Careful planning and execution. To migrate Shopify to BigCommerce platform you need to follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Preparation

Before starting the migration process it is important to prepare the ecommerce store for the switch. The process of preparation involves comprehensive assessment of your current setup including product listing 3rd party integration and customer data. Ensure that all the data is organized and backed up properly to avoid any loss during the migration process. Using BigCommerce services to migrate data can streamline the preparation phase and ensure a smooth transition.

Step 2: Choosing Migration Plan

The second step in the migration process is selecting the appropriate migration plan. BigCommerce offers various plans to cater to different sizes of the business. Choosing the best best plan depends on your requirements and other factors like the size of the store, variety of product catalog and future goals. Whether you’re choosing a self service migration or seeking help from professionals it is important to align your plan with the business goals.

Step 3: Applying Technical Aspect

The next step is to delve into the technical aspects of the migration process which involves transferring data and ensuring that proper design elements and functionalities are chosen as per the need of the business.This phase may require adjusting themes, customizing codes and resolving compatibility issues between two platforms.

Step 4: Assuring Quality by Testing

Before confirming the switch make sure that you check the quality by testing imperative thoroughly. Check the integrity of data, ensure that all the functions are working as they should and access to overall user experience to see if the website is as per the business need. BigCommerce offers a testing environment that simulates the live store which allows businesses to identify and rectify any issues before going live.

Step 5: Going Live

Once the testing is done and it is found successful it’s time to go live on the big commerce platform. Implement the planned launch strategy and closely monitor its performance after migration. BigCommerce will continue to play an important role after migration as well. BigCommerce post migration support will help you address any unforeseen issues and ensure a smooth transition for both merchants and customers. It is important to regularly review the data and feedback to make necessary adjustments.

Real-life Example

Baru is a furniture company founded by Kabir Chopra and Stephen Kaul, needed a platform that could support its fast expansion into multi-channel and multi-vendor enterprise. As a result the company decided to switch to a BigCommerce platform. After switching to the BigCommerce platform and using their features Burrow had great success and developed a modular solution that could be shipped for a reasonable price. Through the transfer they were able to improve their E-commerce experience by effectively marketing new products and optimizing operations across several platforms.


Transitioning your business to a BigCommerce platform can be a transformative step towards company growth. By understanding the reasons for migration and carefully planning it, you can make the process seamless. However, transitioning to BigCommerce can be intricate, requiring careful planning and expertise. For a seamless migration, consider partnering with a eCommerce website development company who can guide you through the process. By following the steps mentioned in the above blog, you can provide your users with a smooth BigCommerce website that will help your business achieve optimal user experience.

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