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Starting a Business: First Step – Business Naming

A business name is detrimental to its success. It has the power to attract potential customers as the right branding will take your setup to the next level. It will attract lots of customers who will then recommend you to other customers. This will help to grow your business. This would not be so if your brand does not represent quality.

Your brand is the base for trademark design. This is significant when you plan to franchise or sell your company. Entrepreneurs need to concentrate more on having the right company name. They feel their model is of utmost importance, which isn’t true. A good entrepreneur knows how naming and branding help a business in succeeding. To elaborate better on this, here are few benefits of a good business name.

A good First Impression

Business Naming

Your company’s title is the first thing potential customers see. So, it is important that your company’s title offers a good first impression. This is vital to branding success. Think of it as a first meeting. It has to represent quality. It must define your products and services. It must convey the perfect message. It has to intrigue and interest visitors. For example, If you are a PR company that mainly provides services in Singapore then you can choose a digital marketing agency Singapore for the best impression.

A unique and catchy title will get stuck in the minds of your audience. It makes them remember you and want to be familiar with your setup. Also, your titles should be easy to spell and pronounce.

A good company name can attract and retain customers. It has the power to build a good relationship between a company and its clients.

It Reveals the Idea of the Company

The name of your brand sums up everything your setup is about. For this reason, make sure to settle for the right business name. There are lots of things that go into the right company title. You should not just find a label from the top of your head.

As a company, you have to understand your identity. A brand that reveals your identity is what is best for you. Sometimes, it can take almost a month to come up with a title. Do not think of this as a waste of precious time. Think of it as an essential step for your setup. It’s a liquid creative step that can make or break your business.

Feel free to take as much time as you want to find a good corporate identity. One that can sum up everything about your setup. One that conveys the perfect message to potential customers. One that people can easily relate to without identifying your services. A brand that is well thought of has unique values. It also has a good story behind it. You can check here for how storytelling can help your brand.

It Shows Customers Your Take on the Industry

Your business name shows your perception of your niche. There are several companies without a given industry. Lots of companies provide similar service offerings to customers. So, what will make a customer choose a business over another? The brand of the company. The company’s logo and identity. These are what will differentiate a firm that provides similar services.

Pay attention to your business name. Have a great logo for your setup. This will help you attract more customers than most businesses in your niche.

How Do I Come Up with a Good Business Name?

Business Naming

There are several ways to come up with a company title. Below are just a few excellent ones:

Consider Using Acronyms

Several great corporations use acronyms rather than full names. It is sticky and more comfortable to remember. Take a look at BBC and AOL. BBC stands for British Broadcasting Corporation. AOL stands for American Online. These are corporations that are known for their acronyms. In fact, most people do not know the full names of these corporations.

So, consider using acronyms.

Make Use of Mash-Ups

Find words that mean something to your corporation. These words should be as little as two or three. See if they can be combined to form something unique and meaningful. Examples of corporations making use of mashups are Evernote, TripAdvisor, and Netflix.

Netflix is a combo of Internet and Flix. Evernote means Forever and Note. That is it. Mashups are great. They reflect what your setup is about. It is also sticky and easy to remember.

Get Feedbacks on the Names You Come Up With

Try thinking of five to ten titles. Afterward, run them by your friends and family members. Get their take on them and see if there is one that stands out. Also, get feedback on audiences you wish to target. This will ensure you are doing the right thing. Make sure your titles do not signify something negative.

Make Use of Brand and Product Naming Agencies

You aren’t great at coming up with titles. That should not bother you. There are lots of naming agencies. These agencies are experts at coming up with company titles. They also offer other services that can grow your brand.

The best naming agencies have services ranging from:

  • Logo design
  • Business naming
  • Brand identity

You can always work with a professional outfit for your corporate branding. And there are suggestions here on ways to get your brand out there.

Final Note

The importance of a good business name cannot be overstated. It provides uniqueness and individuality to a corporation. A good company title catches the eyes of audiences. This, in turn, generates more clients and increase revenue.

So why not put more time and focus into creating a good business name? The tips listed above will help you find a good company title.

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