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Technology and Young People: Tips for Parents

When you have a young person in your life, your life will inevitably be filled with technology. Then, rather than battling against the amount of technology in your young person’s life, you need to find a way to manage your family’s usage of it effectively, ensuring that they have the tech skills that they need while being able to enjoy life outside of a screen at the same time. Then, here are some of the best ways to manage technology usage in your family.

Get them a Variety of Gifts

You may have started to notice that, in recent years, your young person will have received many more electronic gifts than ever before. Their birthday and holiday wish lists may also have started to be dominated by technology and gadgets. However, rather than completely ignoring what they want, you should consider getting them a variety of both tech and non-tech-related gifts. For instance, the best gifts for teens include electronic accessories such as light-up keyboards and more traditional gifts, like hats and hair ties.

Manage Their Screen Time

Tech and internet addiction is now a real concern for parents, and many might be worried about the effect of technology on their child’s health. For instance, excessive tech use might damage their eyesight. However, technology has now become a part of everyday life for young people, with a lot of their education and homework being based online. Not only this, but the more you ban tech, the more your kids will want to use it. Then, you should try to manage their screen time in a balanced way. You could allow them to spend an hour or so online and then encourage them to take a break.

Use Technology Together

You should also consider using technology with them, especially if you have young children. Using technology together can help to make screen time a positive experience for them. If you are using electronics with them, you will be able to say when enough is enough, and you can ensure that they are staying safe online. Then, you should consider planning events, such as a family gaming night once a week, that can allow you to fit screen time into your family’s schedule.

Create a Tech Zone

As a parent, you should also consider creating a tech zone where your family can use technology. You should then try to prevent them from using tech outside of this zone. Alternatively, you could create a tech-free zone within which your kids are not allowed to go near screens. This can help you to give your family a break from screens, can encourage communication and family bonding, and can give you the chance to relax with electronics. This can also help you to keep them away from your kid’s bedroom, where they might interrupt their sleep patterns.

Teach Them to Use it Responsibly

You cannot stop your family from using screens, and so you need to teach them how to use technology responsibly. To do this, you should tell them about the risks of using the internet and the ways that they can keep themselves safe online.

Shehbaz Malik
Shehbaz Malik
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